Bubbles and Boba is Dubai’s first retail outlet selling the popular Bubble Tea drink.  Alex and Honey are the husband and wife team behind the homegrown brand.  Upon arriving to Dubai for the first time, Honey couldn't find a local Bubble Tea joint, so she set out to create her own. The brand's concept is to reflect the fun aspect of the drink while experimenting with different flavors and encouraging customers to create new blends.

Originating from Taiwan, and now a big hit in cities like Los Angeles, Bubble Tea is creating waves around the world for being the drink that you can also eat.  The simple recipe of black or green tea mixed with sweet syrups that are blended with either ice or milk, creates a tasty and refreshing drink.  But the secret ingredient that makes it stand out is the addition of tapioca balls (boba) that can be chewed on while sipping the drink. The balls resemble actual pearls but have a soft and chewy consistency.

Bubbles and Boba's classic flavor of Bubble Milk Tea, a simple blend of Assam milk tea served with tapioca pearls at the bottom of the cup, is fairly popular, but it is the fruit blends that are definitely more exciting.  Customers can pick from a large range of fruit flavors including the typical strawberry and orange to the more exotic like lychee and mango to create bespoke flavors.

The next step is to choose scoops of aloe vera, tapioca pearls, natae de coco or fruit jelly to add a soft texture and subtle flavor to the drink.  The final process is to shake the drink together in a special machine to create those bubbles that the drink has been named after.  The drink is then tightly sealed and can be enjoyed by popping a custom made wide straw into it.

The free VIP customer card offered by Bubbles and Boba ensures a 10 percent discount on all online and kiosk purchases of the drink.  Loyal customers are also treated to a preview of new flavors and other seasonal offers.

Located in Dubai Mall, Bubbles and Boba is definitely on its way to creating a drink revolution in the city.

– Saira Malik

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