Long before Bahrain was in the news for its political strife, the pearl of the Gulf was known as a beautiful, serene country filled with friendly, passionate people. Bahrain Stories aims to bring this true image of Bahrain back.

Bahrain Stories is a web and social network that features first-hand reporting and biographies of both Bahrainis and non-Bahrainis living in Bahrain. The site, launched by the Bahrain Media Group, aims to showcase Bahraini culture by highlighting its cosmopolitan population.

A message to readers on the homepage plays off the “two seas” meaning of “Bahrain” to demonstrate the peace of the country.

“Today, we still make peace with these two seas, and try to live in harmony in a diverse and cosmopolitan community,” says the message.

Bahrain Stories especially aims to shed a different light on the country than what has been indicated in the press over the past year. In the same message, the web site maintains that “violence does not represent [Bahrain]. Such bad news is not representative of the true Bahrain.”

Anyone who calls Bahrain home can contribute to the web site, aware of the cosmopolitan community living in the country. The site makes it clear that no matter what nationality you are — Bahraini, Arab, European, or otherwise — you’re welcome to contribute as long as you call Bahrain home.

So far, contributors have come from ranging backgrounds, including financial analysts photographers, painters, journalists, DJs, and a self-described “banker and rocker.” The stories themselves are all written as short third-person profiles of people living in the area.

Stories come from all over the country, from Adliya, Sar, Riffa, Isa Town, Muharraq, Bahrain International Circuit, Budaiya, and Hamad Town to the capital, Manama. On the homepage, Bahrain Stories organizes its stories according to locations on a map, and features a story from each city.

For more information on the website or to contribute your own story, check out www.bahrainstories.com

– Kawther AlBader

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