Designed and constructed by students from the College of Architecture, Kuwait University, PAVILION is an architectural design exhibition that is currently being displayed at Arraya Center in Kuwait.

Supervised by their university professors Dr. Hussain Dashti, Architect Haifa Dashti and Architect Mohammad Makki, the students designed different concepts for pavilions that would be built on a larger scale. The students were divided into two groups and each group built one of the two design concepts finally chosen (out of all the different submissions).

The exhibition was launched on June 7th, 2012 at Arraya Centre. They are displayed in one of the main hallways of the center and passersby could walk through them, take photos in and outside of them, as well as admire the skilled work that went into creating these large pieces.

We are in awe of these amazing designs by such talented students! We'd love to see more stunning artworks displayed in public spaces all around the country.

PAVILION will be displayed at Arraya Center until July 14th, 2012. [SEE MORE PHOTOS BELOW]

For more information about the designs, visit

Images: Bader Al Yaseen for Khaleejesque

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