Sisters Beauty Lounge in Dubai recently launched the Cowshed range of products and treatments.  A brand that believes strongly in simple, natural ingredients, Cowshed was established in the United Kingdom in 1998.

Sisters Beauty Lounge is a full service spa and beauty salon providing women in the UAE a one-stop shop for all their beauty needs.  Opened in 2004, Sisters is a local company that is at par with international spas around the world.  Currently they have four branches in Dubai and one in the capital Abu Dhabi.

At the Sisters Beauty Lounge branch located inside Dubai Mall, clients can exclusively enjoy facials, massages and manicures/pedicures with Cowshed products.

Treatments include body and leg firming, with products developed specifically to slender and tone the body; facials designed by Cowshed, which are ideal for cleansing and refreshing tired skin, with several different types of facials to pick from including Express, Hydrating, Reviving and Calming; Express and regular manicures and pedicures are also available to tidy and groom the hands and feet. There is also a range of massages for both the body and head using different methods, including reflexology.

An interesting fact that makes Cowshed more endearing and unpretentious is that the name has been directly taken from the location of its first spa, a cowshed in Babington House, Somerset. The fun, quirky names are also inspired by the former residents of the first location – Bullocks, Lazy Cow, etc.

Despite its fun packaging and humorous names, when it comes to the actual product, Cowshed is focused upon bringing its consumer a unique, top quality range. The brand is also proud to be one of the first to make use of the extracts of oils, preservatives and fatty acids solely from plants.

All products are made with organic, fair-trade ingredients, sourced ethically from around the world. There is also minimal use of preservatives with no animal ingredients (except for beeswax and wildflower honey).

Whilst each product serves a different purpose, the distinct fragrance that is created from a special herbal infusion, direct from the Babington House Victorian walled garden, is noticeable in all the bottles.

Cowshed products have been developed after detailed research and are known for their positive results.  With an extensive range of premium home, beauty and bath products, Cowshed has created a range that is affordable, playful but also committed to providing its loyal customers products that are beneficial to their health and wellbeing.

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– Saira Malik

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