Hamburg is one of Europe’s hot-spots for cruise liners.  The port of call for 25 shipping lines, Hamburg has recently been voted “the world’s most beautiful port.”  More and more visitors are lured to the North German city, the port of call for 164 cruise ships annually, with a total of more than 400,000 passengers.  And ever since the initial call of the Queen Mary 2 eight years ago, the people of Hamburg have fallen in love with cruise liners and have made it a habit to turn every cruise ship arrival into a celebration; a passion that has given birth to the Hamburg Cruise Days!

The Hamburg Cruise Days, the highlights of this summer, will be taking place from the 17th to the 19th of August; showcasing the world of cruise liners on an area that stretches over several kilometers along the Elbe River- on water and on land. Cruise liner enthusiasts will be able to experience first hand seven luxury cruise liners, ship parades, themed islands on land, and the Blue Port, the magical blue illumination of the harbour.

On water, event highlights include the Hamburg Cruise Night late on Friday, consisting of a fleet of party boats on the Elbe, as well as the magnificent Hamburg Cruise Days Parade on Saturday evening, starting from approximately 9pm, where five cruise ships will be making their way down the Elbe River, accompanied by a fleet of ships.

Taking place for the third time, the Hamburg Cruise Days 2012 are offering many new features, particularly on land. At this year’s event, the fringes of the port will be turned into a cruise lining universe, offering all the things that make cruise liner voyages so exciting: sport and wellness, shopping, a themed island for children and arts and culture at the historic Holzhafen, as well as culinary delights prepared by some of Hamburg’s top-class chefs. Show stages on shore will present cruise ship entertainment programmes, and the historical Tüdel un Tampen market will add to the maritime flair.

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– Khaleejesque Staff Writer

Image Credits:, M. Zapf

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