Summer is here. Time to spend some time under the sun and in the cool waters of the Gulf. Before you go buy your next swimsuit, check out this new brand we've stumbled upon. A charitable yet sleek and stylish brand, Love Brand & Co. is the brainchild of young London designer Oliver Tomalin.

A new socially responsible lifestyle brand that's sure to take our waters by storm was set up only last year and is a fairly young brand. This brand is sure brand new but has an edge over other previous swimwear brands, it has a very charitable objective; a planned series of ready-to-wear products, each intrinsically dedicated to a relevant charity.

The first line of products, ‘Trunks for Trunks’ (swimming trunks for endangered Asian elephants)  was inspired and motivated by the plight of the iconic animal. Tomalin saw a great opportunity to help the Elephant Family in a credible and savvy way, by creating his superbly designed collection of state of the art men's swimwear.

The swimwear is thoughtful in design with fantastically charming prints, careful construction and  a "loving" charitable aspect to them. The designs are extremely thoughtful with notable details including the silver alloy drawstring aglets in the shape of elephant tusks, and a connecting element even stained red to act as a symbol of past ivory pouching. Cool, comfortable and with a conscience, those trunks are made for men, boys and babies alike with 5% of the gross profit of this product line, "Trunks for Trunks" being donated to the charity "Elephant Family."

Tomalin, the founder of Love Brand & Co., calls this concept of charitable giving through sales as ‘Bisociation’; adopting the term coined for the conceptual blending of elements drawn from two previously unrelated mediums. He suggests that this allows for a deeper cultural shift where consumers will start to consciously and sub- consciously associate products to newly associated ideas for charitable giving.

Love Brand & Co. represents and shares the values of the 21st century man, respecting the environment as well as trying its best to help with philanthropic undertakings; mixing elephand conservation with luxury swimwear. The debut collection, "Trunks for Trunks", is state-of-the-art men's and boy' swimming trunks for the fashion conscious swimmer.

We love this concept of "Bisociation." Shopping and a charitable cause in one? Amen! Did we mention we liked the designs as well? Win, win situation. We just hope more brands will jump on the bandwagon of "Bisociation," we hope it'll be the next big thing in the retail industry.

Tomalin, the Founder of Love Brand&Co.

For more information about Love Brand & Co. check out their website.

– Khaleejesque Staff Writer

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