Archicamp Founder Dalal Al Bannay

There are countless graphic design and art courses for people interested in the art and design field. When it comes to architecture, however, this field (that is equal parts design as it is science) hasn't been utilized as much as it should have. This is where Archicamp comes in.

Founded by Kuwaiti architect Dalal Al Bannay, Archicamp is an intensive educational program in Kuwait designed for high school students who are considering a career in architecture. Al Bannay noticed that many students who want to study architecture, have no real grasp of the actual subject matter. When they enter university, most of the subjects are completely new to them, seeing as architecture is not a subject taught at high school. She decided that there needed to be a program which transitions high school students (who want to study architecture) from school to university.

The Archicamp program will attempt to educate its participants with the principles of architecture, as well as prepare them before they embark on their journey in the architecture field, through a series of lectures, workshops, and on-site field trips.

The program will expose the participants to both the academic and the professional side of architecture. Among the skills that the students will hone are sketching/drafting, model making, creative thinking, and problem solving; as well as create a portfolio for college applications.

Lecturers include Dalal Al-Bannay, founder of Archicamp, Abdulaziz Al-Kandari, cofounder of Architecture of Kuwait, Abdullatif Al-Mishari, Partner at Multitude Agency, Dalal Al-Sayer, architect and urban designer, Farah Al-Humaidhi, interior designer, and Waleed Shaalan, founder and managing partner of BrainStorm.

At the end of the program, the students will present their final projects, exhibit all their works and enjoy a reception for the students’ families and friends.

The program will take place from June 24 to July 05, 2012 at Bayt Lothan in Kuwait.

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– Khaleejesque Staff

The Archicamp lecturers
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