Farah Kabir is a worldclass fashion stylist and consultant who has worked with renown international brands such as Cartier, De Beers and Nike. Of Moroccan descent, Farah Kabir grew up in Belgium but moved to Dubai nine years ago, and is making her mark in the cosmopolitan city. Her vast experience includes producing, directing and styling magazine fashion shoots as well as styling television commercials, still shoots, catalogues and fashion shows. We chatted with this talented fashion aficionado and got a glimpse of her career ambitions, passion for passion and Dubai's fashion scene.

Can you give us some insight into your background and your fashion credentials?

I grew up in Belgium and I have been raised by Moroccan parents. At a very young age, I always loved fashion. I was creating dresses for my Barbie dolls as I did not like the dresses they usually came with. At the age of 21, I started to work in the industry first as a PR Manager, then I moved on to manage modeling agencies. Until one day a fellow stylist suggested that I was really good at putting clothes together and that I should be a stylist. That is how I found myself stepping into what I do now. I started as a fashion stylist for television and very quickly decided to go for training as an image consultant. I realized that nothing makes me happier than helping people gain self confidence and self-love by showing them how beautiful they are. And I am very glad and very lucky to dedicate my life into fashion styling which is my passion up to today. I have also attended the London College of Fashion.

Can you share some examples of ‘celebrity’ or high profile clients you have worked with?

Unfortunately I can’t as I have confidentiality agreements with these particular clients. I have worked with world- class brands such as Nike, Harvey Nichols, DeBeers, Cartier and have also provided fashion consultancy on the sets of big-budget Hollywood movies.

What fashion trends do you predict for 2012? 

For 2012, this summer will be flowy and feminine with the Neo 20s trends passing though the winter, pastel color combo, sheer fabrics, tropical and a new cut version of tribal prints. The sport casual look through to pajama trousers will give us a very comfy season.

What’s your first impression of Dubai’s fashion scene?

I have been in the region for nine years and I have seen the industry change and grow to a point where today Dubai-based malls are the most visited malls in the world. Dubai is a fashion destination in itself due to its very eclectic population. We are lucky enough to have a range of brands from all over the world. Dubai has made its way to international fashion standards. I can see that even traditional clothing are now following fashion trends.

Can you describe your personal style?

My style can vary drastically depending on my mood and the occasion. I can go from classic to feminine, from contemporary to creative and sometimes I can even go dramatic. I would say, on my day- to-day get-up, I am casual chic as my job involves running and perusing fashion finds in shopping malls for hours. During special events, I take pleasure in dressing up usually with a touch of individuality.

Where do you find inspiration when styling fashion shoots/clients? 

It is very different to style fashion shoots and private clients. For fashion shoots, the current trend is always an influence. Coming up with the theme for  the shoot, I can get inspiration from anything that grabs my attention at the moment. It could be a movie, something I saw when I was out with friends, a painting, a season, a country and its tradition, a song, an event, a flower, a color… anything and everything really. I have a very vivid imagination and I can create stories from detail. For personal consultancy, I work on the client’s request, depending on all the information they share with me – on their specific requirements, their individuality, their body shapes, color, lifestyle, personality and emotions. Through personal interaction and open communications, I am able to visualize what directions our collaboration will bring and what directions we need to take to find the style that will suit them best.

Do you have any fashion icons that you look up to both in the Middle East region and internationally? 

I have a soft spot for designers who have been pioneers and have put the region in the international map like Hatem Al Akeel and Amato. As for international fashion icons, I can’t say that there is someone in particular that I look up to. I like celebrities who show their individuality in their style like Johnny Depp or Erykah Badu. I don’t think Victoria Beckham has made a fashion faux pas post Spice Girls. She is usually always very elegant. I like Blake Lively’s youth and freshness in her look but I have seen some disasters there. So really no real ‘fashion icons’ to name. I believe in the look that suits who you are at the moment, and each person is unique.

– Khaleejesque Staff

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