Designed by four sisters living in Riyadh, Auras Designs is a unique brand with a speciality in "everyday jewelry". Their designs range from rings, bracelets, to multi length necklaces, which are suitable for any occasion and can be dressed up or down to suit one's mood and style.

Auras Designs was started when they were just students in 2006, and started to vary and develop with time. It has participated in more than 20 several exhibitions in Riyadh, rest of the kingdom and the Gulf area, and received positive feedback from consumers and jewelery aficionados alike.

With a truly distinctive look and is different to other designs in the industry, their collection is based on lots of colorful precious stones, pearls, and Saudi diamonds. They are also flexible in their designs in the sense that customers can customize their own pieces and add their name to them.

According to the creative designing siblings, "the most important element in a woman look is her jewelry. The great thing about jewelry is, it’s not a necessity, it is something that is bought because of a feeling, and we absolutely love it."

They are inspired by many things including living in Saudi Arabia, because  "women here are enthusiastic and passionate about fashion, they have their own unique sense of style. As a result, we really get an understanding of what women are wearing, who they are, and their sense of style and try to interpret it into our designs."

Talking about the hurdles that they have faced, they say that "the main difficulty is the change in the gold price; gold prices are not fixed and have been rising since we started our business. Since our collection is all made of pure gold, it’s so hard to keep track with the gold value and provide affordable prices to our customers."

The future seems bright for Auras Designs with many plans and accomplishments. With a growing customer base locally in Saudi Arabia and regionally in the Gulf as well as participation in different venues such as Riyadh Fashion Days, Auras Designs are carving a place out for themselves in the regional arena of jewelry design.

They currently stock their collection at the Alya Store in Nojoud Center in Riyadh and are now continuing their journey with potential stores and online boutiques.

For more information about Auras Designs, visit their facebook page or follow them on Twitter @AurasJewels

– Khaleejesque Staff

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