"Bayt Al Bjayem" is a fashionable pajama brand born and bred in the United Arab Emirates. Designed by a trio of creative sisters, "Bayt Al Bjayem" produces contemporary and high-end designs using high quality fabrics targeted to women looking to be chic yet comfortable in the vicinity of their own homes. Khaleejesque got together with the creative designers behind "Bayt Al Bjayem" and talked about this unique entrepreneurial stint and fashionable endeavor.

Can you tell us more about "Bayt al Bjayem"?

We are three sisters, Hessa a 25 year old IT graduate, Roudha a 22 year old Architecture student and Maryam, a 20 year old business student; the three of us have different interests and taste in things but share one thing- the passion for Pretty Pajamas! You shouldn't be surprised if you open our wardrobe and find it full of pajamas and sleepwear. unfortunately, as passionate as we are about pajamas we found that the market for it in the UAE was very limited compared to other fashion sectors. The few pajama options available no longer satisfied our hunger. therefore we decided to do something about it!

We came up together with the idea of making our own pajamas. We started in YEC , an entrepreneur competition held in The Dubai Mall; the enthusiasm accelerated due to the support from all sorts of people which left us eager to keep on going. When deciding upon a name we settled on (House of Bjayem) bjayem being the Arab-ized plural of the word Pajamas.

Why focus on Pajamas?

Some people believe that women should seek to look great only when they are outside the house, or on special occasion, events and gatherings. If you look at the market, designner evening gowns, casual wear, or party clothes are everywhere and they come in all sorts of styles and types, while on the other hand, there is not as much attention or diversity in pajamas and sleepwear sector even though it is extremely important for women to feel stylish and comfortable in their homes.  It's time for the dull mass produced pajamas to step down and for the specially-designed and limited pieces of sleepwear to take over ladies wardrobes.

Do you think of branching into other segments of apparel? 

Right now we are focused on women sleepwear like pajamas and robes, but we would like to explore the possibilities and the potentials of the yet-to-be discovered realm of sleepwear fashion, and as we are moving on we could possibly branch into other related segments such as childrens sleepwear, bedroom furniture items or bed covers. The possibilities are huge, but at this time we wish to keep focused on women sleepwear.

What inspires you when creating your designs?

All pretty things that we "wow" and "yay" about! sometimes the design is inspired by a fashion item we see in a magazine, at other times the selection of the fabric is inspired by bed coverings and wallpaper patterns.

What's in the future for Bayt al Bjayem?

"Bayt al Bjayem" is a very young sleepwear brand, in fact its less than one year old; with that in mind our efforts are focused on establishing a distinguished brand identity in our country and region, creating a database of satisfied customers and developing our products as we grow bigger and better. The ultimate goal in our minds is to become a destination for women searching for the most trendy sleepwear in the UAE and Gulf region.

For more information on Bayt Al Bjayem, check out their facebook page facebook/houseofbjayem  or email them at bjayem.house@gmail.com

– Khaleejesque Staff

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