If you’re feeling rather patriotic, then Armani Privé’s Cuir Noir is for you. Described as “a journey into the heart of an Arabian night” and building on the Oud heritages of the East, the new unisex fragrance is an homage to the traditions of the East in the style and glamour that only Haute Parfumerie can deliver.

The new fragrance is part of the “La Collection des Mille et une Nuits” (The One Thousand and One Nights Collection) joins the others – Oud Royal, Rose d’Arabie and Ambre Orient. Inspired by the romanticism of far-told stories of the East, the Arabian Nights, the never-ending desert and ornate Arabic architecture and ironwork, the fragrance transports the wearer to a legendary world.

The musky smoldering top notes, rooted in the heritage of leather tanning (hence the name Cuir Noir, French for black leather), give way to the smoother and lighter amber, sandalwood and essence of rose. Coriander and nutmeg add to the spicy elements, while Tahitian Vanilla provides a warm, comfortable, wearable and familiar base, punctuated with Benzoin balm.

The proud bottle stands strong and solid, with typical Armani Privé styling. Minimalism in the packaging belies the complex fragrance within. Smooth lines, quite masculine in their appearance, are offset with the gold plaque in front and contrast with the smooth, pebble-shaped lid atop. Everything about the bottle makes you want to pick it up and hold it, while the bulbous shape of the lid just screams out to be grasped.

– Ambarina Hasan

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