Forget talking to any operator or any customer call center employee, these convenient apps will help you get your work done in mere seconds. While there are many companies still lagging behind when it comes to smartphone apps, these following companies have put in immense effort in theirs:


My STC – Mobily App

The STC app just got a major redesign, and I have to admit it looks gorgeous. With these apps you can subscribe to new services like roaming, a larger internet package and so on. You can also view all your bills and see whether it has been paid or not. For those who have a limited 3G package you can track how much data you have downloaded so far. What is also convenient is that you can see your calls and SMS activity by name instead of just showing you phone numbers which is done automatically by fetching it from your contacts list. You can also check your membership points (Qitaf & Neqaty) and locate the nearest branch to you, which is always a handy addition.

SambaMobile – FransiMobile – Al Rajhi Bank 

With these apps from different banks you will be able to view your balance, pay your bills, and transfer money between different accounts and all of that from your iPhone. You will rarely need to call your bank ever again and this makes handling your banking activities while traveling a lot easier. Some of them will also let you locate the nearest ATM and provide you with a currency converter.

Saudi Tawari 

A really simple app that acts like a directory for all the emergency numbers you might need such as Civil Defense, Ambulance or Traffic Police. It has phone numbers for all reports authorities like the Human Rights Organization, Wildlife Preservation and many others. You'll also find a list of numbers to contact  in case there are any water, electricity or other interruptions.

Saudi Matches

I am really impressed with this app, it has a very unique user interface, one of the best if I might add. For everyone who is interested in the Saudi league and cups this is the app to use. It has timings for all matches across all Saudi competitions with information on which channels will broadcast the match. You can set it to notify you for matches you are interested in and also alert you to the final score. It recently just got an update which introduced a very nifty feature which is watching all goals. All goals are fetched from YouTube and they usually are available as early as 30 minutes after the goal has been scored.

Hijri Calendar

This is another app with a really nice UI. You'll find a Hijri calendar with a list of all holidays in Saudi Arabia and the USA. It also has the option to view the date in Hijri as a badge so you can see it from the home screen immediately without the need to open the app. A month ago they have added a new paid feature which will enable you to add appointments and reminders within the app itself.

Saudi Arabian Airlines

This isn’t actually an app in the App Store but it is more of a web app. It is really useful for those travelling from Jeddah at the moment with more cities to come in the future hopefully. By visiting Saudi Airlines mobile site you can get your boarding pass and choose your seat without the need to print anything. It will send you a copy of the boarding pass to your e-mail and all you have to do at the airport is have your phone on you. There are features to use on the site of course but this is the main new feature.

– Wael M. Hazzazi

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