In the summer, the rich and fabulous head to the Mediterranean and are spread about its pristine shore; but in the Winter there’s only one place to head out to… St.Moritz, Switzerland.

St.Moritz, a premier ski destination in Switzerland, is the acme when it comes to luxurious ski destinations. People from all around the world flock to this cosmopolitan location, which is nestled between the Alps as soon as the first signs of snow arrive. With people booking accommodation and air travel months in advance, anyone looking to go should do the same.

Not only does St.Moritz boast excellent ski pistes and runs,  the après-ski is the finest in all Europe. With several high rated Michelin star restaurants, a myriad of 5-star luxury hotels and excellent shopping that can content with the likes of Via Montaigne in Paris, Sloane Street in London and Via Condotti in Rome.

St.Moritz is also a great place to see and be seen; Royal European Dukes and Countesses, Billionaire Russians, Posh Brits, American Heirs and Heiresses, Members of International Royal Families. Sitting in a hotel lobby is like flipping through renowned society pages or an issue of “HELLO.” The dress code is nothing short of amazing; from the newest that the international fashion run-ways have to offer to gorgeous floor length fur coats decked with croc bags and fancy snow boats.


Our St.Moritz Travel Selection is as follows.

Best time to go:

December as soon as the snow sets in, Christmas and New Years are high season and the best time to check out the crowds that flock there. February is also a high season so be warned and book in advance.

How to get to St.Moritz:

It’s a 2 hour drive from Milan and Zurich. Jet-set people take the helicopter in, takes less than an hour from Zurich Airport. Billionaires land their private jets at a local airport in one of the valleys close to St.Moritz.

To Stay:

  • Badrutts Palace Hotel: The finest and oldest hotel in St.Moritz; old school luxury. You’ll notice that most of the people staying there know each other, they come here once a year. Houses Nobu, as well as a variety of great restaurants. Ideally located, in the middle of the shopping are where all the high brands are showcased.
  • Klum Hotel: A little less stuffier than Badrutts, yet as luxurious; this hotel is perfect for families with kids. Ideally located in the center steps away from the shopping area and the ski-train that takes you to the ski life; with a skating rink right next door to the hotel. What’s not to love?


To See/Do:

  • Ski, Ski, Ski.
  • Sledging: not that keen on skiing? Then grab a sledge and hurl yourself from one of the slopes. They have a special slope for sledging at Muottas Muragl that’s 4.2 km long, 705 m height difference with over 20 curves.
  • Ice-Skating: The open-air skating rink next to the Klum Hotel is our favorite, after skating you can grab a snack or have lunch/dinner at delicious “Chesa al Parc” that overlooks the rink.


  • Go on a horse-carriage ride: Ask your hotel concierge to organize, you can take scenic routes overlooking the snow-capped valleys and mountains as well as the frozen over lake of St.Moritz; you’ll feel like part of a movie.
  • Shop: If it’s a luxury brand, you’ll find it here. Shopaholics be warned though, it’s much more expensive when compared to other shopping destinations. It’s St.Moritz!
To Eat:
  • Mountain Restaurants: You can ski then indulge in delectable and highly rated dishes, no junk food around here. We recommend, “Mathis Food Affairs” in Corvigilia (all dishes have truffle in them, the truffle cheeseburger with goose pâté and mountain cheese is absolutely amazing.) You can also try Salastrains, for an alpine atmosphere in a wood hut with local recipes such as deer and other yummy dishes.
  • Nobu: Well it’s Nobu! This Japanese sensation is a welcome relief for those looking for light dishes and sushi; housed in the Badrutts Palace Hotel, the restaurant ambiance is different than the modern Nobu settings, it’s like Nobu went classic all of a sudden. Food is still good though.
  • Talvo by Dalsass: Best restaurant in St.Moritz, hands down, as well as the posh-est.  Be sure to book before you go, several days before you go that is, it’s a small restaurant that’s reminiscent of a winter alpine dwelling with food that’s Michelin star rated and a patrons list that matches. 

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