Balance Café is unlike any other cafe in Dubail. How come? Well, it serves meals that are based on the Ayurvedic principles- a 5000 year-old Indian healing system. Although the diet, if followed regularly, has very strict standards, the basic premise is to choose intelligently and maintain a balance by eating healthy and nutritious food.

Whilst remaining true to their philosophy which is to serve simple healthy food, Balance Cafe also ensure that the food served is also vibrant and tasty. They avoid using artificial sweeteners and other harmful processed foods as their ingredients, therefore, guaranteeing that a a meal there leaves you feeling light yet energized.

There is a large variety of international dishes that include appetizers, sandwiches, non-vegetarian and vegetarian mains as well as specific-health foods. Anyone withdietary restrictions can make special requests; especially those suffering from the Gluten Allergy, in Balance Cafe they have have dishes dedicated to them as well as gluten-free dessert.

Balance Cafe is strongly committed to changing the way we think about food and offering the community nutritious meals. Given their affordable prices and relaxed atmosphere, this little health-concious cafe is creating a lot of buzz and gaining a loyal base of customers; especially those who understand the value of good food.

Balance Café is located at  Oasis Centre, Quouz in Dubai. Tel: +9714-5154051

– Images and Text by: Saira Malik

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