He is a charismatic young man, with a musical talent that competes with the likes of Tiesto. Who, you might ask, is this person I speak of? It is no other than the Saudi born Omar Basaad. Born to a Saudi father and a Turkish mother in Jeddah, this music producer is one to look out for! I introduce to you, Omar.

Ghadeer Al-Otaibi.: When did you start producing music?

Omar Basaad.: I started producing about 6 years ago. I had a beat box, started to teach myself how to use it. Eventually, in 2008, I was included on a remix of a Turkish pop stars album, called Tarkan, and it just went off from there. If you look at the album track list, it’s a remix of the original album, you’ll see names like Tiesto, and other famous music producers, and then there’s my name among them. I felt honored to be among such elite producers as a newcomer.

G.A.: Would you consider it as a highlight in your career?

O.B.: Definitely. Funny thing is, when the offer first came, I thought that it was some kind of a joke. So yeah, amazing!

G.A.: So how about yourself, some information on your tracks?

O.B.: The first single was produced about a year ago, it’s called To The Beat, and it features a Saudi vocal artist too. It’s available on ITunes worldwide. I’ve also done a song called Theme of Life. I have another track called Sweet Pain, and just recently one of the top DJs in the world called Moonbeam made an official remix of my song. My new work will be out hopefully around January, titled La Chance, and it’s an instrumental track, and it will be available on Beatport. I’ve also been given an amazing opportunity, collaborating with one of the top 15 DJs in the world, and remixed a couple of tracks and this should be out in March, and then just working preparing for the winter music conference in Miami.

G.A.: Who are your influences when it comes to music?

O.B.: Seeing as I’m half Saudi half Turkish, I came from a really different musical background. My dad listened to very Arabic music, and mom had a love for Turkish music, so I am in between. When you grow up in a multicultural household, you grow to have a taste for a wide range of music. But influences, I’d have to say Daft Punk, Steve Angello, and I LOVE Sia’s voice.

G.A.: In the DJing world, there is the old school way of doing things, with vinyl’s and the digital way of doing things? Which are you?

O.B.: I'd Classify myself as a semi vinyl. I grew up using it. But it’s not to say that I don’t use the digital technology available. Laptop DJs have been able to push musical boundaries and create music on another level. Digital allows for range. Look at deamau5, he takes creativity to another level.

G.A.: So we know you are a talented producer, but the real question is, do you have any vocal talents?

O.B.: No! None what so ever. Good at producing, creating, have an artistic vision, but I’ll leave singing to someone else.

G.A.: If you could work with a DJ in the future, whom would you choose?

O.B.: It depends what I’m looking for. Different tracks require different types of artists. But I’d love to collaborate with Axwell.

G.A.: And a musician?

O.B.: Maybe Santana in a house track. I don’t know how that will sound, it might be a bit weird, but it's what I want to try.

G.A.: What is your favorite song out there at the moment?

O.B.: There are lots, but right about now, it’s Levels by Avicii.

G.A.: And to finalize this, where would you want to perform?

O.B.: Pacha. It has an amazing vibe for the music that I do. The crowd, the sound system, everything! It would be amazing!

G.A.: When not doing music, what do you love to do?

O.B.: Just be around the beach. I am one with the ocean. I love anything that has to do with the beach or being around the beach.

The young DJ/Producer now spends his time living between Jeddah and Dubai, where he produces music and hosts a radio show on Panorama FM called “Batwanes Beats” playing to an audience spanning across the Middle East, and hosting the world's top DJs such as DJ Axwell, and Bob Sinclar, who have shown huge support and backing for the upcoming star. So have a listen and keep an eye out for this talent to come out of our region.

To know more about Omar Basaad, check out his Facebook page, Twitter feed @OmarBasaad, and official site www.omarbasaad.com

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