Imagine a skincare line so high tech and desirable that it has been granted a patent and whose effects on the skin are visible after just one use. Now meet Forlle'd.

Forlle'd is a scientifically advanced skincare range from Japan that has beauty experts clamoring for more. The patented formula gives skin visible brightness and radiance and skin will look younger, brighter and more toned.

Hylaluronic acid is the key to looking younger for longer. While many products on the shelves today contain the ingredient to some degree, the effects are temporary. This is where Forlle’d differs. The advanced nanotechnology has created molecules so small that they can penetrate the dermis to the deeper layers below the skin’s surface, plumping and hydrating from within. Platinum and ceramides multiply the effects of this truly cosmeceutical range.

The star of the range is the Hyalogy Ultra-Light VCIP Cream, (£250 50ml), a multi-tasking day and night cream that prevents pigmentation, brightens the skin and blocks ageing mechanisms with antioxidants and nourishing effects. The VCIP ingredient, one of the latest generation vitamin C derivatives, stimulates the production of skin cells and the formation of collagen.

As the technology is based on the discoveries of Nobel Prize winner, Koichi Tanaka, there is a whole lot of science behind the brand, hence the worldwide patent. Suffice to say, the effects are immediate, obvious and long lasting.

The best way to experience the products is through the 70-minute facial, practiced by A-list facialist Sherron Holder-Culver at the exclusive SP&Co Studios in Chelsea, London. Fans of the products travel far and wide to experience this unique facial, which includes the patented ionized platinum lotion, a platinum mask and pure oxygen being literally fed into the skin. And of course, Sherron has been known to fly out to meet her clients at their convenience.

For more information about the facial or the Forlle’d range, call (+44) 20 7351 3332

– Ambarina Hasan

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