Social apps are all the rage nowadays and while there are many apps being released on a daily basis, there are a few interesting ones to keep a look out for. We've got these three extreme apps that give social sharing a new meaning:

Kinetik – This app is the simplest way to share your favorite apps with your friends. Every time you come across a great app just use Kinetik to share it with your friends, add to that your own comment, you will also have the option to share it to Twitter and Facebook for everyone to see. You will be able to browse apps by what is trending that week, by what is featured and finally by category. In addition to its great functionality Kinetik has a nice, easy to use interface.

Stamped – One of the best UIs in an iPhone app I have come across in a while. It is very simple and modern. With Stamped you can share anything with your friends and followers but it is mainly used for restaurants, music, movies, TV shows and books. The different thing here is when you check a shared album or a movie; you will see the cover, the full tracks list and the runtime. If you like what you see then just add it as a to-do. The most interesting feature which is mainly to prevent users from spamming your stream with useless shares is that Stamped initially gives each user a 100 stamp. Once you run out of stamps you won’t be able to share anything else so you have to choose wisely. Every 3 likes you get on a stamp and every re-stamp by your followers will grant you an extra stamp.

Everplaces Saving the best for last, Everplaces simply enables you to keep track of every wonderful place you have been to or any place you’d love to visit. The app looks really pretty and their website looks even better. Add each place with its name, location, category, tag and photo. Once you have added enough places you can browse them by category, tag or city. Say whenever you go to London you struggle to remember each great restaurant you have been to, so just launch the app, choose London and see what you have already added. There is also a note field where you can add the phone number for reservation or write which dishes you recommend. If you have a friend traveling to a city you have already visited, just send them a link of which places you recommend and they can see all the information you have added.

– Wael M. Hazzazi

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