Google Chrome is now considered the 2nd most popular browser globally after Internet Explorer. Its users prefer it because of its speed and functionality. Add to that the features that can be added to it using extensions. Today we bring ten Chrome extensions to make your browsing experience even more enjoyable.

Better History: Chrome’s history is a bit limited because you can only browse, search and delete. With this extension you can group your history by date, time and domain. It also adds context menu options to search by domain or selected text. Deleting is not only limited to individual visits as you can remove grouped visit to the same site. All of that is done in a simple stylish UI.

MapMe: No need to write down an address or copy and paste. Just highlight any address you come across, right click and choose Find in Google Maps. Not only it works with specific addresses but you can also highlight a landmark, a city or a mountain and it will show it to you in Google Maps right away.

Go To IMDb: Very simple addition yet very useful. There is no need to visit IMDB every time you want to check on a movie that you just read about or saw a friend recommend. All you need to do is highlight the movie name and the icon will display the IMDB rating of the movie. In case you want more info then just click the extension’s button and it will take you directly to the movie’s page.

Hover Zoom: How many times have you come across a small picture that you had to open in a new window just to see it properly? With Hover Zoom all you need to do is move the mouse cursor above the picture and it will be shown in full size within the same page.

Magic Actions for YouTube: Best extension a YouTube addict can ask for. This add-on can let every YouTube video you open to stop auto-play while pre-loading the video in the highest resolution available. It also adds the ability to control volume by scrolling with the mouse.

AdBlock: If you are constantly annoyed by website ads then just enable AdBlock and no ad will ever bother you again. Including the ads you see on YouTube and Facebook. URL Shortner: Whenever you want to share a link on Facebook or Twitter, just click this button and it will shorten the link for you using Google’s own shortner service. It will also add the link to your history and show you how many times the link has been clicked.

Google Dictionary: View word definitions real easy on the same page you are on. Just double click a word and its definition will appear right away. Can’t get any easier than this.

Google Mail Checker: As simple as it sounds, this icon will just show you how many unread e-mails you’ve got in your Gmail inbox. Clicking on it will also take you directly to your inbox.

Google Reader Notifier: Really useful for those who use Google reader, the icon will show how many unread items you have. You can also click on it to show a preview of your reading list and read some quick highlights.

– Wael M. Hazzazi

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