There are plenty of T-shirts with Arab culture references in the region and just when we can say that we've seen them all, a new brand pops up to present their innovative representation. Lulwa and Mneera Al Khalifa, a graphic designer and an art and design major, came up with the concept for the ARABULOUS shirts in 2008 and it wasn’t until 2011 when they produced their first batch. The Bahraini based T-shirt company aims to popularize the Arabian culture by merging Eastern and Western culture to create a new concept  appropriate for the 21st century. Since media and fashion are strong methods in grabbing people’s attention, the duo feel that it's important to choose them as main elements in creating the designs.

"Being the passionate culturist's that we are, we did not let their judgment get to us and let us down," say the dynamic duo who concede that this project "will allow Arabs to wear their culture proudly on T-shirts and at the same time be globally understood by those who do not know much about it."

The ever so fashionable The Overdressed (whom we've interviewed here) styled the shoot and we have to say that we love the concept, the designs and the fact that these T-Shirts are so wearable; they can be dressed up or down. Plus, they are a regional Bahraini Brand by two young and talented girls. Who could ask for more?

To get your hands on the ARABULOUS T-shirts, hop off to Al-Aali Mall in Bon Bon Tel: 00973 17581222, or check out their website

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