Faris Al-Obaid

Meet Faris Al-Obaid. Your average Kuwaiti, with not such an average background. They say first impressions really count, and from first glance, one can definitely tell that Faris is equally as strong and as bold as his extensive resume. At the age of 23, he is quite an impressive young adult. Being born and raised overseas, to a diplomatic father, has given him the opportunity to have an international education, having completed his Bachelors as well as his Masters at the American University of Paris. On paper, one finds his/herself intimidated at his portfolio, having worked abroad alongside international leaders and cooperations. Face to face, a humble being, filled with knowledge and a lot to offer. The Khaleejesque team got the chance to have an inspiring meeting with the young Khaleeji achiever.

KT: Talk about yourself and interests…

FA: I was born and raised in Paris, having lived there for more then 13 years. My father was the General Counsellor for the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in France at that time. I studied and graduated from the American University of Paris with a Bachelors degree in International Communications and then pursued my Masters degree in Global Communications. After having spent 13 years in France, I found myself being fluent in 3 languages, Arabic, English as well as French. I have a lot of interests, they mainly revolve around politics, but I do like to social network, and dabble in extreme sports. I like meeting people from different cultures, different personalities, and like being able to bridge between different cultures.

KT: Why did you feel the need to pursue your interest in politics?

FA: Considering my dad was a diplomat, I was influenced by him growing up. I was used to going to a lot of diplomatic functions as well as conferences, and slowly with time pictured myself becoming an ambassador in the future, representing my country like he did. I liked that setting and saw that networking was my thing.

KT: We've heard that you worked at the British Parliament, as well as at the White House. Could you describe your experiences there?

FA: Those two experiences were unique in my life. They gave me the ability to mature in my field of study. I was fortunate enough to have interned at the British parliament, which gave me the opportunity to carry out general office administration as well as an opportunity to sit in and attend meetings and events that were occurring in the British parliament at the time. It was a mind-blowing experience. I had the opportunity to meet the British Prime Minister Tony Blair, as well Gordon Brown and the Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.

Faris with His Royal Highness Prince Charles

KT: If you could sum up your 7 years of international experience, what would you say you gained?

FA: I gained a grasp at being in a multicultural work environment, as well as being able to see first hand and on sight how peoples work ethics were around the world.

KT: As an active member of Lothan Youth achievement Center, what did you contribute to the community in Kuwait?

FA: I’ve trained a lot of students in LOYAC, and I’ve held various events in coordination with LOYAC. Just recently, in August, I’ve trained 12 students for local internships. I've always been an avid participant in the community in Kuwait. I remember during my school days at the American School of Kuwait, back when I was 17, I had to nominate 10 students from my school for the Young Adventure Program at BP, U.A.E. I had the task of being responsible for 22 students, lecturing on leadership skills, team work and organized activities.

Faris with former Prime Minister Tony Blair

Furthermore, Faris Al-Obaid worked as a research officer at the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Center in Washington D.C., which included performing research on different issues for congress meetings, working on developmental plans and actively participating in all high level meetings that included members of the FBI, as well as homeland security, the US congress and Department of Justice. He was recently nominated to be part of a youth delegation team for the British Embassy in Kuwait, which gave him the opportunity to meet and interact with His Royal Highness Prince Charles in Kuwait. He was given the opportunity to discuss future developmental initiatives in the country, as well as the political ideology of democracy and societal issues such as unemployment.

Gestures of appreciation at LoYAC

Its clear that this young Kuwaiti has a great future lined up ahead of him. With a resume that competes with men well into their years, it is evident that his hard work and dedication will pay off in his future. Being so comfortable in his field, it is only natural that he is pursuing a career in politics and wanting to be an Ambassador in the future, and with the experiences that he has had, it is very clear that he has a lot to offer to Kuwait.

– Khaleejesque Staff

Images courtesy of Faris Al-Obaid

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