Combining traditional kaftans with contemporary designs has been a new trend in the regional fashion scene these days. A new contender from the UAE has recently joined the flock with an impressive portfolio. Three young Emirati women from Al-Ain city have combined their enthusiasm for fashion and admiration for their culture to create Keswah. Keswah, a local Arabic word meaning a bundle of clothing and other gifts, was realized by the stylish trio in a bid to present contemporary kaftans to stylish women.

Debuting with a Spring/Summer collection this year, Keswah has distinguished themselves by creating high quality dresses that are sleek, modern, and exude plenty of feminine flair. Keswah also dabble in accessories and have created an accessories line that is produced both in the UAE and the US. Memo boards are among their other creations as well, they design memo boards that complement households and office spaces.

Keswah have recently launched their Winter collection and we are delighted to present some of their fabulous pieces from their lookbook. Keswah's online store will be coming soon and will be available in boutiques in the UAE and Kuwait.

For more information about the innovative fashion brand, visit

– Khaleejesque Staff

Images courtesy of Keswah

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