I remember like it was just yesterday I was writing my Summer TV shows article thinking that Fall is so far away and that we have to wait a long time until our favorite shows are back as well as anticipating a new crop of shows. Well, September is finally here and the studios already started rolling out their new shows hoping to have a hit on their hands considering that last year there wasn’t a breakout show and many were eventually canceled (The Event, Undercovers, No Ordinary Family etc). Here are my top picks of the 2011 Fall TV shows which are getting a lot of buzz and seem interesting:

Ringer – Sarah Michelle Gellar is back on TV after “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” ended a few years ago in a new mystery/thriller about twin sisters, Siobhan and Bridget, each living their own different lives. After Siobhan is presumed dead, Bridget decides to live the life of her sister to escape her troubled past not knowing that Siobhan has many dark secrets too. The ratings for the show haven’t been very high but hopefully it wont get canceled because it has potential, judging from the action-packed first episode.

Terra Nova – Produced by Steven Spielberg and described as “Jurassic Park” meets “Avatar”, Terra Nova will finally premiere on September 26 after being delayed a few times. The big budget show tells the story of a family who go back in time to save Earth and end up 85 million years in the past where dinosaurs roam free and survival is the number one priority.

The Secret Circle – From the creators of The Vampire Diaries, this new show centers on Cassie who moves to Washington to start a new life after her mother dies only to find out that she is a witch and befriends a secret group of people with supernatural abilities.

Pan Am – Christina Ricci stars in this 1960s-set drama about the famous former airline, its pilots and stewardesses who are all more than what they seem. The show looks very entertaining and original and will premiere on September 25.

The Playboy Club – Another show set in the 1960’s, the drama takes place at the famed Chicago Playboy Club and follows the lives of the Playboy Bunnies as they strive to be stars as well as surviving in a tough place regularly frequented by members of the mob and high powered figures.

Charlie’s Angels – A reboot of the 1976 series which is produced by Drew Barrymore and stars three new women including, Minka Kelly, as the beautiful bad-girls-turned-good crime fighters. The show premiered on September 22.

Revenge – Starring Brothers & Sisters alum Emily Van Camp, Revenge tells the story of a scorned woman named Emily who heads back to the Hamptons where she was raised as a kid to get back at the people who destroyed her family and ruined her reputation. One look at the trailer and I was sold!

Person Of Interest – From execute producers J.J. Abrams (Lost) and Jonathan Nolan (The Dark Knight) comes this thriller that stars Lost’s Michael Emerson as a billionaire who built a program that can predict when a person will be involved in a crime before it happens. However, the program can’t determine if the person will be the victim or perpetrator or where he or she is so he enlists a former CIA agent to help him prevent violent crimes before they happen.

American Horror Story – Easily one of the most buzzed about shows of the Fall 2011 season, American Horror Story is from the creators of Nip/Tuck and Glee and premieres on October 5. Until now, no actual footage of the show has ever been seen and all that the viewers got were five second teasers that give us a clue of what the show is about. One thing that is known about the show is that it follows a family who move into a new house and discover it is somehow haunted.

There are a lot of comedy shows that are getting positive reviews which I suggest you should check out like “New Girl” and “2 Broke Girls” given that my picks are all dramas and action-centered shows. Let’s see what shows are going to be big hits and which shows will get dumped. What are your favorite shows so far?

– Abdulla Al-Mulaifi

Images: IMDb.com

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