Shiseido Future Solution LX SerumEvery once in a while there comes along an amazing product that you immediately know you won’t be able to live without (Sisley’s Future Solution LX Serum is one such treasure).

Well known for having one of the leading R&D departments in the beauty world, Shiseido scientists, back in 2006, identified the protein Serpin B3 as an age-accelerating factor. In direct response to this, Shiseido developed Skingenecell 1P, to help increase cell vitality, thereby fundamentally improving the quality of your skin.

Fast forward to 2011 and the power of Skingenecell 1P is amplified and delivered into the skin in a concentrated form in the new formulation of FUTURE SOLUTION LX Ultimate Regenerating Serum.

Natural plant extracts in the serum boost moisture levels, cell-activation and aid anti-oxidation. Ingredients such as Uji Green Tea, Firming Yeast Extract and Star Fruit Extract all help to prevent cellular damage from UV rays, increase the production of collagen and prevent the breakdown of collagen already existing in the skin.

The serum itself is smooth to the touch, absorbs immediately and feels moisturizing and deliciously “nutritious” to the skin.

Regular use  (apply morning and night after cleansing and toning) will see an improvement in your skin’s resistance to daily ageing factors such as dryness, UV-rays and pollution, while the visible effects of a refined skin texture, a firming-up of the facial contours and an overall radiance will have your friends asking if you've had any "work" done!

Available this fall, it’s not cheap at $225 for 30ml, but then again, cutting edge technology never is. And in the never-ending battle against ageing, this little bottle might just become your best ally.

–    Ambarina Hasan

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