Rise and shine Kuwait, at the break of dawn “The Early Bird” calls out to those looking for a classical American Breakfast. One of the most popular places to breakfast at, “The Early Bird,” is the brainchild of Bianca Simonian, an American resident from LA, California whom successfully managed to launch this Breakfast Cafe in 2008.

“The Early Bird” was first launched on the outskirts of Kuwait City in Fahaheel. Operating from 5 am until 3 pm daily, and initially catering to serving American soldiers stationed in Kuwait whom most live in Fahaheel and other expats living in the area, “The Early Bird” caught the attention of locals and Expats alike. With great food, a comforting home-like atmosphere, and a friendly staff, thiscafe started making headlines; it’s almost impossible to find a table at peak times, with cars lining outside waiting for tables and people popping by for a quick bite or to pick up food on their way to the beach on the weekends. Hence by popular demand, another “Early Bird” opened up closer to the city in Jabriya.

The menu is short and sweet, with a great variety of foods that are all-American, and also miniature versions for the little ones. In case you’re wondering what to eat all that is recommend is to follow the ‘Random choice game’ just close your eyes and point randomly; with a place like The Early Bird, you’ll end up with a dribbling mouth and difficulty in making your mind up.

What is great about the early bird is its consistency and determination to find greater success; a strategic vision is what makes a fresh entrepreneur a remarkable one. With patience, dramatic effort and hard work, after two years The Early Bird opened up in its new location in Jabriya – a closer destination to reach its customers.

Moreover, with greater achievements The Early Bird is an official drop off point for plastic bags. This is a great environmental duty for society, especially in Kuwait whereby the consumption of plastic bags is in great figures in both the private and public sectors.

The Early bird is a great destination to meet all requirements, it can be a romantic morning destination for couples, a hang out for friends over breakfast or brunch or even an excellent place for family gathering over a delicious home style cooked meal. So, wake up and try The Early Bird for the best breakfast experience!

To contact them call +965-23925814, or visit their website http://www.earlybirdkw.com/

– Nora Alammar.

Images: The Early Bird http://www.earlybirdkw.com

Previously Published in May 2010.

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