The Middle East and especially the Gulf region have so much to share and what better way to expose your surroundings than through photography. is a brand new non-profit project that seeks to help discover and foster creativity in photographers. It aims to serve as a forum where individuals are given the chance to tell their stories, rediscover their environments, and share their realities.

The inaugural photography competition will accept entries beginning on August 15, 2011 until October 15, 2011. The theme of the competition is Environments in the GCC, and the categories for submission are Culture, Nature, and Urban. Winners from each of the three categories will receive a prize of USD 1,800.

Through your submissions hopes to "better understand each other’s goals and challenges, ambitions and disappointments, passions and fears, societies and cultures, sadness and celebrations." The brand new site is visually pleasing with people's submissions floating through the main page. The process of submitting your artwork is very quick and the photograph officially enters the competition in an instant. So start sharing and show people your creative spark.

– Khaleejesque Staff

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