The frozen yoghurt selection; Sahlab dessert

We were invited by Napket to try out their new Ramadan dishes, which are exclusive to the holy month only. Most of us in the Arab world are familiar with these dishes, some which were given a slight twist to the original.

The Ramadan dessert menu consists of Om Ali, Sahlab, Date Mohalabiya, Apricot Mohalabiya and a variety of Middle Eastern flavored frozen yoghurt.

First we sampled the various frozen yoghurt flavors, two of which are mainstays; the Watermelon (a perfect summer dessert) and the Original. The Ramadan flavors were Vimto, Saffron, Turkish Delight, and Baithan (an Arabic almond drink).  The Vimto was delicious and tasted like, well, Vimto, although it tastes lighter than the original drink. The Saffron, which might sound like a strange frozen yogurt flavor, wasn't overpowering, but you could certainly taste the saffron. The same could be said about the Baithan, in which you could taste the almond flavor coming through. The Turkish Delight was also a favorite, although the flavor was mild. We suggest that the flavor become more prominent, after all, who doesn't like Turkish Delight!

Om Ali

The Om Ali, which is best described as an Arabic bread pudding infused with pistachios, coconut flakes and raisins, was amazing. It was served warm (as it should be), and was sweet, creamy and rich in flavors. It had all the traditional components of an Om Ali, though this one was lighter than others that we've had.

We also tried two types of Mohalabiyas. The group was split between the Date Mohalabiya and the Apricot Mohalabiya. Some favored the first, whilst others favored the second.


The Sahlab, a creamy hot Arabic drink that is garnished with chopped pistachios and cinnamon, wasn’t a favorite because no one at the table is a Sahlab fan. However, those who are will highly enjoy it.

All in all, everything we tasted was well balanced and delicious. We all had our own individual preferences but we all agreed that the highlight of the above mentioned desserts was the Om Ali. It was perfection!

Hurry to Napket and enjoy these dishes, because they'll be there for a limited time only.

Napket is located on the 1st Floor of Phase 2 of The Avenues Mall, Kuwait

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