The rise and rise of the Power Plate is legendary in the world of fitness training. There are very few gyms that don’t have at least one, if not a whole row of them. Power Plate studios offering nothing but Power Plate classes or one-on-one training are popping up all over the place as well.  Of course, wherever there is innovation, there is imitation.  While countless other vibration technology machines are being launched, none really compare with the original Power Plate.

Now for those who love and are devotees of vibration training, there comes a new and exciting way to train:  the new powerBIKE from Power Plate, where cardio meets vibro.  At first glance it looks like a normal, stationary bike – the kind you see in gyms, albeit a super-high-tech version.  And it rides like a normal gym bike too, rather like the ones you might use in a spin class – turn a dial up or down to increase or decrease the resistance.  But turn on another switch and this takes on a whole new dimension.  Once into the vibration mode, your own pedal power generates the vibrations – the faster you pedal, the more intense the vibration through the pedals.  No electrical supply is needed and if the vibration mode is too intense for your legs, either slow down the speed of pedaling, or alternatively you can switch it off and use it as a regular fitness bike.

Let me say I am already a huge fan of the Power Plate.   When time doesn’t allow a full workout at the gym, give me twenty minutes on the Power Plate and I can feel my muscles groaning the next day.  Streamlined tone and definition, a reduction in the size of fat cells and a visible reduction in cellulite – it’s every woman’s dream.

A quick trial of this super-bike that launches in June was the beginning of my love-affair with yet another gadget.  Quads and hamstrings were working double time, the cardio workout was super-intense and my legs felt thoroughly trained, if not a little exhausted.  A very high intensity workout all the while keeping it low impact.

This summer, there’s no excuse for un-toned legs and glutes.  Now please excuse me and my weary legs while I fall off the bike, Bridget-Jones style!

–    Ambarina Hasan

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