For this week's beauty feature, our Beauty Editor dug deep to give us the latest inside info from depth of the beauty industry. In The Beauty Buzz, your guide to the most buzzed about and hottest products in the industry, we present you with 5  products that are quickly becoming industry faves, and will surely become yours too!

La Prairie Life Threads Sheer Gold

This favorite brand of A-listers everywhere launches a lighter version of their well-loved scent for the summer. The spicy oriental fragrance with fruity top notes of tangerine, Chinese plum and clove bud is based in the familiar scents of vanilla and musk, making this a very wearable perfume for the warmer months. The clean-cut geometric bottle sculpted from transparent Lucite and wrapped with strands of golden ribbon is a delight to behold on the dressing table too.

Visoanska Formule Anti-Age Optimale

Created by Elisabeth Visoanska, this luxury skincare range has been a very well-kept secret by those in the know. Three years of in-depth research, an unparalleled concentration and exclusive synergy of intelligent ingredients pulled together by the highest levels of biotechnology has resulted in this high-tech, 21st Century skincare range. This daily anti-ageing cream energizes and protects the skin and comes with a 30-day supply of complex food supplements in tablet form to compliment the cream.

Nubo Post Injection Treatment

These days a little 'work' is more common than not. Even though science is so far advanced that a little filler or Botox procedure can be carried out in just an hour or so, (witness the rise of the lunchtime face lifts!), there’s no getting away from the fact that you are still invading your face. So a little post-treatment TLC can never go amiss. Nubo’s Post Injection Treatment cream contains a list of sophisticated bio-active ingredients that speed up skin recovery time following an array of cosmetic skincare procedures.

Priori Lash Recovery Serum

Lash serums are the buzzword amongst those in the know, and with good reason. The difference they can make to your lashes over a 6-8 week period can be dramatic, as long as you are prepared to stay true to the course. The new Lash Recovery Serum from Priori claims to enhance the lashes in only two weeks, with an increase in length, thickness and density, so it’s perfect for those with limited patience! Use not just on your eyelashes for a Bambi-esque flutter, but also on your eyebrows to emulate the latest trend for full, thicker brows.

Unite GO365 Hairspray

Just as we wear different bags and shoes for different occasions, so it is that we want different things from our hair and the way it looks and moves. Unite GO365 is an innovative new hairspray that allows you to style and hold your hair as lightly as a feather yet also be strong enough to stop a bird in flight! Three different settings on the nozzle allow you to spray for the look you want: extremely fine hold, perfect for everyday and for shine, or a slightly stronger mist for stronger hold whilst remaining flexible and moveable, while the third setting delivers a powerful spray for a super-firm hold for when your updo just cannot risk falling down! Celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Demi Moore and Heidi Klum just love the UNITE range, and we can see why!

–    Ambarina Hasan

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