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As of today there are more than 300,000 iPhone apps in the App Store. Here is a list of the must have apps that will let you get the most out of your iPhone. This list won’t include the obvious essential apps like Facebook and Twitter and won’t include games.

Reeder ($2.99): If you are a Google Reader user or even someone who reads RSS feeds on a daily basis then this app will make it a lot easier for you. With a great interface and tons of functionalities this is by far the best among many other apps. Reeder will also enable you to sync your feeds to be able to read them offline, will also let you share articles with friends on Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter and much more.

Whatsapp ($0.99): This app could be the best reliable replacement to the BBm service on the iPhone, it’s also available on Android, Nokia and BlackBerry. You can use it to send images, videos and voice notes. It also has been updated recently to include groups chats.

mBox Mail ($9.99): As most of you know the Mail app on the iPhone doesn’t support Hotmail. You can add your Hotmail e-mail account but it won’t let you view your folders and whenever you read and delete a message it won’t do the same on the server so you still have to log in from a browser and delete it again. mBox is here to fix that with the addition of accessing multiple Hotmail accounts and accessing your Hotmail contacts.

Flight Track ($4.99): A must have app for frequent travelers. Using this app you can add all your upcoming flights and sync them to your iPhone calendar. It will give you updates on departure and arrival times and whether there are any delays or cancellations. It will also give you an approximate location when using the app offline in the airplane.

Delivery Status Touch ($4.99): So far this app has no competition, it is simply the best at what it does. With more than 30 supported services such as Aramex, DHL, FedEx and so on, this app will let you track all your packages with the latest updates and a map to check the package progress. The best part you can keep it in sync with your iPad, Mac and browser.

1Password ($9.99): If you are a person who keeps using the forgot my password for every website you use then this is what you will need. You can store all your login information, notes, accounts and credit card details within this app and it’s all securely stored. If you like it and decide to get it on your iPad, Windows or Mac then you can also keep it all in sync using DropBox. 1Password is highly recommended and it’s worth the money.

Live Score (Free): This is for all the sport fans who wants to be kept updated with the latest scores. It is not only for soccer as you can also keep track of the latest Tennis and Basketball scores. If you keep the app open then it will auto refresh every minute or so.

Hijri Calendar ($0.99): This is a very useful app with a very great interface. In addition to showing you the Hijri calendar it will display a badge on your home screen on the icon with today’s Hijri date. It will also display the holidays and school exams of Saudi Arabia with more Arab countries to be added soon.

Shazam (Free): This app is for every time you hear a song on the radio or in a movie and want to know it’s name. All you have to do is open the app and let it listen to the song for a few seconds and it will provide you with the song information with the addition of a link to buy it from iTunes directly.

10 Air Video ($2.99): This app is for watching your video files without syncing them to your iPhone. It plays all video formats with no restrictions. All you have to do is download a small program to your laptop, add the folder with all your video files and keep your laptop open. This will let you stream all the video files on your iPhone even if you are at work or travelling. It works great with no lag at all.

– Wael M.Hazzazi

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