Prior to any purchase, the usual question that’s always asked is “How much does this cost”? In the case of CASHART, a casual women and men's apparel line, the monetary factor is embedded into the design process itself.

Alia Al-Naqeeb, creator and designer of CASHART is the mind behind the originality and creativity of a new style that was brought to life in 2007. The line of T-shirts, polo's and tops are imprinted with images derived from cash. Her distinctive designs are inspirations of a daily human need and necessity, prints that are available everyday and everywhere but the human eye has failed to really notice. Money to people is just a number, but to Al-Naqeeb it is definitely more than just that.

The designer received her bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from American Intercontinental University in London. Her constant love for fashion combined with her academic experience allowed her to launch CASHART, offering customers basic apparel but with an emphasis on graphics.

The different graphics are derived from international currencies, such as the English and Japanese bills which incidentally have proved to be the most popular designs in the collection. Prints of the “Gatekeeper”, “Hummingbird”, “Manchurian Crane” and the “Tale of Genji” just to name a few, are some of the most commonly used prints in CASHART's items. Alia’s admiration for the simplicity of design and attractiveness to the figures printed on currencies is evidently amplified in each of her creations.

The world of fashion is a world of its own. Designers have never failed to astonish and grasp our attention with each and every new creation, inspired by the different elements of the world around us, and always hitting the fashion runways with ideas that have never been thought of before. CASHART is a line that gives emphasis to the true meaning of inspiration.

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– Maya Moussa

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