Want to play Kout? Don’t have any people to play it with? Then why don’t you play it online instead?

Long hailed one of the most popular and entertaining card games in the Gulf region, Koutbo6.com (pronounced kout bo sitta), has been a one-click portal for avid card players. Offering endless hours of entertainment in the region, Koutbo6.com includes a mixture of multi-player games of the most popular local games in the Middle East as well as various social networking web applications.

Established in 2000 as a university project by a couple of Engineering Students in Kuwait- Mohammad Al-Marzouq, Ahmad Al-Ibrahim, and Hamad Al-Marzouq- this successful project is now one of the most visited entertainment websites in the region.

Koutbo6.com enjoys a large community base with over 270,000 registered users. In addition, Koutbo6.com was chosen as the best entertainment project in the Kuwaiti e-Awards of 2009, Arab eContent Awards of 2009, and World Summit Award 2009 – ME, which stands as a testament to their achievement.

On the site, users can play their favorite games with their friends or with other individuals in various tournament modes; outcomes of the game are reflected in rankings on the website. Users can also add friends, and chat with them publicly or privately using the instant messaging application in addition to updating their respective profiles.

On Kout Bo 6, you don’t merely play against people you know, you can compete with players from all walks of life. The site includes many other popular card-games such as “Al-Subaita”, “Hand”, “Al-Nuthala”, as well as the popular chess-like game of “Al-Damaa.”

Ramadan is the busiest season for Koutbo6.com, in 2008 alone more than 5,000 players participated in the Ramadan Tournaments. The website is once again organizing its annual Ramadan Tournament, where players will compete as groups or individuals to record the highest scores on the site and win cash prizes offered by the website’s various sponsors. More than 3,000 KD (roughly $9000) worth of prizes will be given to winners.

Tempted yet? Call your “Hokom” on Koutbo6.com now!

– Khaleejesque

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