Here we go again; it's time for that big fashion detox! It’s the time of the year when we start to alter our wardrobes and replace summer clothing with fall fashions. We're saying goodbye to the heat and getting ready for the cool and breezy fall nights.

For the fashionista, a new season can only mean one thing: a new wardrobe! We're giving you a quick lesson in the essentials of a closet cleanse. Take note of what you need to buy, keep or store for the months ahead to ensure some closet space for the new season’s trends.

What to retire:

* Pastels will wash you out during winter, when everyone looks pale. Save those for the spring and summer, when your skin is brighter and darker.

* Retire cropped jumpsuits. They don't fit the season, and are plain when compared to the sleek and enticing styles of the fall runways.

* Retire your summer wedges. Yes, we know, they're very comfortable but they didn’t make it to fall season, unfortunately.

* Summery floral prints are best kept for hot sunny days.

* Tribal prints are not in fall’s fashion spotlight. Store them for another time.

* Extreme body-con was one of the favorite trends last season. Alas, it hasn't made it to this season's most wanted.

* Say goodbye to full-on monochrome outfits. Matching a red dress to a red bag and red shoes is a big NO. No one wants to look like the little Red Riding Hood!

What to wear (and how to wear it):

* While we're on the subject of matching, don't match your shoes with your bag. Be creative. Mix and match is the trick. Pair your black bag with some nude pumps, or your white bag with brown heels.

* Limit your embellishments to evening looks. This means you should alter yourself to super chic and conservative glamour for fall.

* Balancing proportions is key. A puffy top and skirt is so over kill. Select only one piece with puffiness, and keep the rest minimal. You don’t want to look as if you’re packaged and wrapped.

* A summery short sleeved t-shirt worn underneath a dress is simply not appropriate. Stick to long sleeved shirts with a skirt or a pair of pants to keep you warm and elegant this winter.

* Black patent from head to toe is too hardcore. The trend is to keep it simple and restrict it to one part of your body only. You can wear some black patent boots or a black patent bag. Just not altogether.

* Keep your mini clutches in the closet for now. This season is all about envelope sized clutches, large bags and messenger bags.

* The days of casual colored t-shirts are over. Replace those with ultra modish wintry weather colors such as grey, navy and army green.

* A full on suit is ageing. Wear the trousers with a silk shirt and cardigan, or the blazer with a fitted pencil skirt.

* Embrace the new minimalism trend. It is simplicity at its best; quirky cuts in classic styles and colors.

* Finally, don't overdo it with the makeup. It’s all about flawless skin and dark lips or dark smoky eyes with nude lips.


By: Nora Al Bahar

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