We know that diving for pearls demands a great exhausting effort, but what if you were to find pearls floating on the surface of the sea and covering 400 hectares? The Pearl–Qatar is a man-made island just off the shore of Doha. It is divided into two main themed districts: Porto Arabia and Viva Bahriya.

Porto Arabia

It includes 31 residential towers, 450 townhouses, a 2 km long boulevard, 785-moorings marina, and a small central island that cradles the new Four Seasons hotel.

The design has a Mediterranean character; you feel as if you were strolling along the French or Italian Riviera, surrounded by illustriously world renowned restaurants and cafes that chose to call this part of Doha home. Among them, we mention:

*  Maze by Michelin-Starred British Chef ‘Gordon Ramsay.’

*  Pampano by the Spanish Tenor ‘Plácido Domingo.’

*  Bice Ristorante.

*  Armani Café.

*  Tse Yang.

*  Chocolate Bar by Alison Nelson.

*  Caffé Vergnano 1882.

But, what about shopping before heading for your meal? How could you not, with luxury fashion houses lined-up, side by side, all along the boulevard? Such as:

*  John Galliano.
*  Hermès.

*  Balenciaga.

*  Giuseppe Zanotti.

*  Stella McCartney.

*  Vera Wang.

*  Kenzo.

*  Blumarine.

*  Roberto Cavalli.

*  Giorgio Armani.

*  Alexander McQueen.

*  Chloé.

*  Missoni.

Viva Bahriya

It is the ideal place for the family, with an exclusive white-sands beach that enchants you away from stresses. It includes 29 towers fashioned in dazzling Moroccan style and townhouses with a direct view of the sea. We also find a five-star hotel on the central islet. It certainly is a tranquil spot, inspiring and conducive to creativity. And, you’re still a stone’s throw away from the glamorous bustling nightlife at Porto Arabia.

The Pearl–Qatar also consists of smaller districts that are not less enchanting than Porto Arabia or Viva Bahriya. One of them is Qanat Quartier which is a small village with a distinct romantic character that’s reminiscent of Venice, or Amsterdam. It was designed in a way that obscures automobile parking lots, making it more pedestrian-friendly when crossing the waterways. The village includes unique boutiques, an art gallery, an exclusive marina, and a designer hotel.

If the preceding is not exclusive enough, how would you feel about an island all to yourself? Isola Dana: The epitome of luxury and exclusivity. It is made up of nine islands connected together by their own causeway and named after the rarest and most valuable pearls in the world – Tuamotu, Baroque, South Sea, Princess, Tahitian, Pinctada, Akoya, and La Peregrina. Each island measures 18,000 m² in surface area, and here you can design your house in any way you wish. You have your own beach, your own harbor and a breathtaking view unlike any other.

Construction is still under way on the island, but you can already enjoy Porto Arabia’s facilities. Click here for more info.

Images: The Pearl Qatar

-Fahad Al-Maawda

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