We're on the prowl for talent! Do you have artistic abilities? Read on!

In an attempt to encourage and inspire photographers and artists regionally and internationally, we at Khaleejesque created a Flickr group that’s open for anyone to join. We want to showcase talented photographers whose images are more obscure than they think, or those budding artists who create gorgeous illustrations that not everyone has seen. Flickr has millions of members, and billions of images, so there’s a big chance that a lot of great images go unseen.

At first we thought, this is Khaleejesque, so we’ll make it a regional group. But then we decided to expand that thought. It’s a small world after all! There might be someone from Kenya who has snapped some lovely photos of Kuwait’s oceanfront, or maybe an Australian who happened to land in Qatar, or maybe a German who took a trip around Oman.

It’s for that reason that we created the Khaleejesque Group. It’s for anyone and everyone. Members are encouraged to upload any of their photos to our Group, and we in turn will publish many of those photos on our site. You can add any photo you want, it can be about anything (with certain exceptions – discussed in detail in the group). You can add illustrations, paintings, or other artworks as well.

The images are guaranteed regional and international exposure since they’re going to be seen by a very wide audience, and all photographers are given credit for their images.

We can’t wait to browse all the photos!

To join and browse our Flickr Group visit www.flickr.com/groups/khaleejesque/

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