The “Oh this? I just stole it from my boyfriend” Look. Read more…

There is an irresistible charm about the roughness of masculine items worn casually over or in conjunction with your outfit. We all know the formula well by now, as  the rough grungy boyfriend/menswear inspired look has really dominated the  runways, and inevitably trickled down to high street, and the street. Everything from blazers, vests, roughed up boyfriend jeans, flannel shirts, menswear fabrics  and loafers are seen on the streets of Kuwait everywhere you go.

The cool loose airiness of this trend works very well with what is socially acceptable to wear in our region (we all know how much we wanted to rock the cute little shorts this season, WITHOUT pantyhose, but alas…). You can go nuts, and even venture into some male outlet’s of high street stores,  one fabulous fashionista I know swears by Topman t-shirts, while another just went crazy in the H&M for men jeans shop! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, a lovely way to dress down your corset dress? Throw a flannel shirt over it, and you add instant coolness and depth to your outfit! Happy shopping all!

Image 1 – Roughening up a regular t-shirt and leggings with a blazer is a surefire way to update your look… instantly.

Image 2 – Take a style tip from this fashionista who almost always tones down  a girlie skirt or sexy dress with a flannel menswear inspired shirt.

Image 3 & 4 – Boyfriend jeans can be worked in so many different ways, you must always inevitably cuff them to avoid looking like Gwen Stefani circa 1998….but then can be worn with cool chunky strappy heels, or simply with gladiator slippers.

Image 5 – Don’t think that we are the only ones doing the stealing here! Enter the “Oh, What’s this? I just stole these jeggings from my girlfriend” look. Men are “reclaiming” the look back, and it is ironically being dubbed “The girlfriend“ look. Sorry boys!

– Sama

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