Coming from a family that worships Apple and all the magnificent products they bless the public with, it wasn’t a surprise to anyone when we declared that we needed an iPad.. or maybe even two iPads.

I recall the first time I laid my eyes on the iPad, my sister came running to me screaming “Steve Jobs is a genius! Look at his newest creation!” So we quietly yet excitedly youtubed the video of the iPad, and there Steve Jobs stood introducing to the world the most magical device anyone has ever seen, The iPad!

I stared at the video for a while in awe and then I asked a question, not because I doubted the genius behind the iPad, but from simple curiosity. “What exactly is it?”

My sister stared at me not knowing what to say, what is an iPad? It looked like an iPhone, but it was the size of a Mac laptop, it works as an iPod , but it has a huge screen, so what on earth is an iPad? My sister replied cheerfully “I have no idea, BUT I know one thing I have to get one.” And I did not disagree, who can say no to Steve Jobs’s brilliance?

After all, Apple is the smartest brand out there, it doesn’t cater to your needs, it caters to your WANTS. And oh it sure knows how to persuade you. I mean seriously you don’t really need a $1,500 Mac laptop while you can easily get a $500 Dell laptop right? No. We the humans of the earth demand Mac laptops and Mac laptops only! Why? Because Apple perfects beauty; every product they create is slim, attractive and oh-so-shiny.

And so because of that, my sister got the iPad. The first thing she did is show it to us. I stared at its perfection.

The iPad has iTunes, internet, you can open tons of web pages, it can work as your own electronic book shelf, you can play games, you can watch online movies and so on. It basically has everything you need, but then I asked again “What is the iPad?” And my sister had an answer this time, “It’s a portable laptop.” What? Aren’t all laptops portable, I mean isn’t that the point of them? Oh, Apple you have filled our minds with delusions yet again.

Anyways back to the point. iPad is the mixture of all Apple products, the iPhone, the Mac laptop and last, but not least the iPod. You could pretty much say it’s a laptop with a touch screen like an iPhone that probably sums it up.

What I liked about the iPad is that it’s not heavy, and you can easily take it with you everywhere. Whether to read the news laying on your bed in the morning or to check your emails at university.

The down side of it is it’s not practical, it’s just pretty. You can’t really have all your work on it since it’s very fragile and can break any second, and it’s not easy to use for working on projects and so on.

Now with out further ado should you get an iPad? The answer is, if you are getting it to satisfy your need for luxury (though we know it’s just a “want”) then go right ahead because it’s magical! But if you are on a budge and can’t afford to buy any electronic gadget, then don’t buy it. Buying the iPad would be to fulfill your wants and desires only, but if you want it to replace your laptop or something like that then it will disappoint you.

Basically, you could name the iPad the most genius, yet ludicrous device of the decade.

– Fatma Lootah

Images: Apple

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