Automatic climate control, self healing paint and fuel cells?  Read more…

With even the least expensive cars now offering a wealth of features from onboard navigation systems to satellite radon, luxury carmakers are finding that they really need to pull out all the stops to capture the attention of media savvy drivers.  And those luxury nameplates are certainly delivering, providing well heeled drivers with everything from massaging seats to flat panel displays to heating systems designed to automatically adjust to each driver’s needs.

Performance has always been a hallmark of the luxury auto brands, and carmakers are upping the ante here as well.  Increasingly luxury carmakers from Europe, Asia and North America are incorporating this high performance with superior mileage. By using a combination of technologies, carmakers are proving critics wrong and providing drivers with safe high quality cars that also get great gas mileage. Some of these high performance cars are hybrids, some are diesel and some have gasoline engines. In the works are still more ambitious automotive offerings, including plug-in hybrids, electric cars and fuel cells.

No matter how good the performance, however, a luxury car would not be a luxury car without plenty of creature comforts and lots of great features.  These days luxury carmakers need to go far beyond heated seats and climate control systems.  Today’s luxury carmakers are including such features as massaging seats and temperatures that automatically adjust to the needs of each driver and passenger.  Some luxury cars even measure the body temperature of the vehicle occupants and adjust the onboard climate control accordingly.

And the comfort does not end with the occupants.  Even the drink holders in luxury cars are getting the custom treatment, incorporating new technology to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Some even include a special chiller keep snacks and drinks fresh and cold.

Luxury carmakers are also doing all they can to improve the looks of their cars, and car owners will certainly welcome many of these new technologies. One of the most innovative features found on luxury cars is in the paint.  Carmakers, especially those competing in the luxury space, are increasingly using so-called self healing paints.  These specially designed clear coats help to resist scratches and make any that do occur less visible.

Car buyers will be happy to know that there are plenty of great new technologies making their appearance in the luxury space. From the latest in navigation and entertainment to paints that make scratches disappear, there are plenty of great new features drivers can use to make their commutes more fun, more entertaining and more productive.

– Beconrad

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