He's energetic, passionate and exudes so much positivity that you can't help but smile and laugh while reading his posts. Kuwaiti blogger Abdullah Al-Falah is the man behind p0ach.com , a place where you're sure to find a mix of insightful interviews, quotes, food reviews, random quirky video clips as well as special posts strictly for discussions where you can literally speak your mind.

A blogging sensation, p0ach.com is rapidly gaining attention for being a popular hang-out spot in the online social scene. Focusing on the Kuwaiti youth and highlighting what's new and happening in the country is Abdullah's forte and what is more admirable is the charity work behind the blog.

Khaleejesque caught up the inspiring Kuwaiti blogger who spreads his energy, joy and positivity unconditionally.

Let's go back to the birth of p0ach.com, what motivated you to first start blogging?

Abdullah Al-Falah: To make a long story short. I joined a voluntary program to teach high-school kids the basics of business, how to establish your own. We stayed together for nearly 3 months, I loved every bit of it, the talk, the experience and the innocence. They made their own business, made lots of money and were successful.

Then the program stopped, I felt empty and I wanted to give again. This time, however, I thought of doing things my way, on my time slot, whenever I like, that's where/how a blog came in mind.

I had a plan to spread all thats within my soul to the community by giving back, maybe inspire them in a way or another and certainly taking in local talents through the interviews section and make a public figure out of them. Its my way of saying thank you to my country and maybe a way to be a good citizen, not just a complaining, good for nothing extra.

My parents and grand mothers are my main inspiration, they give back their own way, I cant compete with them, so I made my own way. My small space, the blog.

What would you say most inspires you while writing? What's the most exciting part?

Actually I don't think of what I'm about to write. I just sit in front of my laptop and let thoughts come in, spontaneously.

Your personality shines through while a person reads your blog, what impression would you like first time readers to get about you?

I hope/wish and aim to make readers know in a way or another that I "became" a being that does not judge and accepts all. I want them to also be inspired by how easy it is to choose how you live. You can always filter your life's events upon your wishes. You choose if you want to smile or hold a grudge for eternity. I sure chose mine.

What in your opinion are the highlights of the Kuwaiti blogosphere? What is it lacking?

The highlights are definitely the new and fresh stuff bloggers offer to us all, their hard work and honesty. What is it lacking you ask ? Well, I'll escape this question by simply saying that I'm the new guy on the block so I have nothing to say, HAH!

What have you learned through your journey of blogging? Life lessons? Professional skills?

I have learned something very special about Kuwait. I have learned that the people of this country trust quickly. I have observed that in my interviews, especially with women.

The blog gives you a space to entertain and influence others at the same time, what do think your readers enjoy most about p0ach?

I think that they had enough of what they see and read on different media outlets. They escape from that sad, unrealistic image to a balanced (I hope) place. That's how people use entertainment, to escape, relax and touch on a healthy atmosphere.

Do you have any international readers? What's the main message you'd like to send about Kuwaiti life and people?

I do, yet my target is the youth of the country to be honest. I aim to highlight the wonderful talents and spread more light on them. They are the future, they are the stars of this country, I aim for them to be known locally. What happens after that is in God's hands.

What's in the future for p0ach? Any surprises coming up soon?

Well it's no secret, I've been working real hard to team with organizations in Kuwait for charity. I decided to give out 50% of my revenues to charity on one condition, all funds go to needy Kuwaiti families, kids and the elderly.

I have seen millions reach out to all corners of the globes with little attention to what is needed inside Kuwait. Yes, I might not contribute much, I might be only one individual, but I know deep in my heart that this will inspire many to do the same or, hopefully, bigger and better projects.

Have you had any funny or interesting situations that you've encountered as blogger?

I'll list some of the insanities that happened:

  • A number of girls sent me an email saying they want to marry me. A boy did too. Lovely.
  • Since last week, every time I go to Starbucks, employees and staff ask for my signature on the Student Talk magazine (since I had an interview in it). That felt strange, yet nice.
  • Two people got to know each other from p0ach.com and got married, not sharing who.
  • People are extremely curious in this country.

That's all I "can" share. HAH!

Any final words? Words of wisdom you'd like to share?

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this special issue and want you to know that I am extremely happy and beyond content.

I would like to share these lines with everyone every time I can. Never judge anyone or anything, try to accept all and get the best out of them. Instead of judgement, try to inspire.

Always put yourself on TOP of your priority list. Not in a selfish way, in a self respectful way. You'll enjoy your life the way you want to, sometimes even better than you ever thought. Trust me.

Plus, forgiveness heals all. Time passes by so quickly, nothing is worth your grief. Give everything you have for a better tomorrow.

– Khaleejesque Staff

Images: p0ach.com

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