Ali A. Cha’aban’s upcoming “Hyped” event is the third installment of AC’s work which will feature artwork illustrated by him. The event called “Some Call It Noise,” subjugates that art can surpass the visual sense and trigger other senses. His work will still have the traditional innuendos and secret messages that he is known for, the obsession with the power of the media and how it can influence the minds of consumers.

This event will progress as a soft opening for AC’s store called HYPE, which will be opening later on in this year. The store will sell products that are artistic or at least bit art related, whether it’s printed or painted work, furniture or accessories, and even clothes. The store looks for attracting the public to the artistic sector and lets the concept of art become a subject of a trend and hype, hence the name of the store. HYPE showcases art as a fashion sense more than just being aesthetically pleasing.

The event will take place on January 13 to 15 on the land across Souq Sharq on the Arabian Gulf Road; it’s a street art theme so the place serves a righteous atmosphere. The display will definitely be different from the others since AC experimented with various other methods and modes of art, the usage of anaglyph modes also known as 3-D imagery, the even heavier usage of graffiti inking, and even the introduction of monochrome work.

The outcome of almost a year’s work and careful studying of culture, the exhibition will surely be a culmination of impressive artistic effort. What they created as a publicity stunt was by designing t-shirts that have “Hyped” celebrities holding a mug shot plate with their name on it and ripped the page across their eyes to make them look anonymous; but clearly people can distinguish who they are. This just shows the powerful nature of hype no matter how much you try to control it.

– Khaleejesque. Images courtesy of HYPE.

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