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Twitter http://twitter.com/ is taking the Gulf by sandstorm, pun intended. This social utility, which allows users to update their followers and the general public with “what they are doing now?” has not only been quickly adopted in our region but has created a devoted fan-base with universal masses of Internet users “tweeting” these days.

Almost everyone is on Twitter, from international actors and stars to local news agencies, initiatives and online magazine like us (catch our tweets at twitter.com/khaleejesque(http://www.twitter.com/khaleejesque)). On Twitter, you can catch up on your latest celebrity buzz and see what your favorite celebrities are up to, get by the second updates of world news, peek into the lives of others, make new friends or stay in touch with your friends through a series of 140 character limit statements.

The Khaleej Twitter circuit is a big one, with people tweeting from all six nations of the Gulf. We, Khaleejesque, alone have 800 plus followers, and are following more than a 1,000 people from the region who tweet about their everyday encounters, blow off steam, or share the most unusual yet interesting stuff. They keep us in the know of what’s happening locally, regionally, and worldwide with many Re-Tweeting (republishing and tweeting what we say and spreading the word across Tweets-ville).

In Kuwait, they’ve already organized a whole Twitter Channel called “Kuweet”(http://www.kuweet.com/) in which Tweeters in Kuwait can be added to; some sort of tweet aggregator, which collects all the tweets made by Tweeters in Kuwait and displays them on a page as the Tweeters update their statuses. People in Kuwait can also get and contribute to traffic tweets. #Q8Traffic is a new Twitter trending topic, people in Kuwait can tweet traffic warnings and likewise people can access them under this trending topic and get updates on deadlocks, accidents, and traffic jams; a beneficial hint when navigating Kuwaiti traffic-ridden roads.

The local Kuwaiti “Al-Watan” TV Channel has also joined Twitter; blending in the local mass communications sector with Twitter. By offering followers up to date news headlines as well as program timings, “Al Watan” aim to keep their viewers well-informed, as well as establishing an easy, and simple channel for feedback and communication. twitter.com/Watantv(http://twitter.com/Watantv)

In Oman, they’ve organized the 1st Muscat Tweet Meet, in which various Twitter Users met up and attended a Twestival (Twitter for festival). The Tweet Meet which was dubbed #muscattwestival(http://twitter.com/search?q=%23muscattwestival) was a casual meet up over coffee that included socializing, networking, a raffle and lots of goodie bags to all of the attendees. Organizers are hoping for more Twestivals at a bigger magnitude in the future to cater to the popularity and amazing turnout that happened at the first one.

In Saudi Arabia, local financial service organizations provide regional market knowledge and local stock market news on Twitter. Derayah Financial, an online investment organization aimed at individual investors in the the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, keeps their followers informed through a series of tweets about market updates and other stock news. twitter.com/derayah(http://twitter.com/derayah)

In the United Arab Emirates, renowned local and regional Opinion Editorial Contributor to a variety of publications including the National in the UAE, Gulf Business and Moneyworks Sultan Al-Qassimi uses Twitter to keep his readers up to date with his publications. By utilizing a page, he Tweets his published articles and their respective links for his followers, whom can access it with one click as opposed to scouring the newspapers and online press.

Bahrain has it’s own Job Classifieds Twitter page, called “Work in Bahrain”(http://twitter.com/WorkinBahrain). This page is updated of potential job opportunities in the Kingdom for those looking for work, and is a creative and innovative way to advertise for open positions.

Regional Bloggers have jumped onto the Twitter bandwagon, and now update their fans of new posts, interesting things, and what they are up to through their own Twitter pages.

Twitter is not for the masses only, Regional Leaders have given Twitter a power pedestal boost by taking part in this micro-blogging innovation. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum is on Twitter. This Dubai Powerhouse tweets his latest activities, initiatives and thoughts as well as sharing pictures thereby giving Twitter a regal touch. twitter.com/hhshkmohd http://twitter.com/hhshkmohd

The popularity of Twitter regionally has created a new platform of exchange, and communication; with just a click or a download of a Twitter application to your respective mobile phone, you can get others Twitter updates the second they update as well as updating your status wherever you are. The whole world is tweeting including Khaleejis who have adopted this technological social utility to connect and be connected; but the question still arises to some people out there, are you ready to clue the world on “what you are doing now?”

– Noufa Al-Sabah. Images: HH Sheikh Mohammed Twitter http://www.twitter.com/hhshkmohd, Alwatan Twitter http://twitter.com/Watantv, SendSangitha http://picasaweb.google.com/sendsangita

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