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Artist: Britney Spears

Song: 3

Release date: September 29

Label: Jive

Not long after her #1 album Circus, Britney Spears is gearing up for a Greatest Hits compilation. The Singles Collection is her second hits compilation following 2004's Greatest Hits: My Prerogative. On the album's lead and possibly only single, "3", Spears worked with producer Max Martin, who’s responsible for many of her biggest hits including "…Baby One More Time", "Oops!…I Did It Again", "Stronger" and more recently "If U Seek Amy". The song is an up-tempo number that's bound to fill dance floors, and flood radios. "3" offers one of what many think of as the raunchiest and most controversial lyrics of Spears career. Many people criticized the song’s lyrics, but praised the song for its freshness. I personally think the lyrics are more funny than controversial, and shouldn't be taken too seriously; it is after all a pop song.

Artist: OneRepublic

Song: All The Right Moves

Release date: September 22

Label: Mosley Music Group, Interscope

After penning and producing smash hits for pop’s leading ladies including Beyoncé, Leona Lewis, Kelly Clarkson, and Jennifer Lopez, OneReplic’s front man Ryan Tedder is back in the studio with his own band. OneRepublic, along with Timbaland crafted one of the best selling singles of all-time with “Apologize”, and it looks they’re set to repeat that feat, or some of it with “All The Right Moves”. The song is edgier and cruder than their previous tracks to hit the radio, but stays true to their previous hits by being extremely catchy and instantly likable. The lyrics are beautifully written, and wonderfully sung, my favorite line is “Between the noise you hear and the sound you like, are we just sinking in the ocean of faces?”. Ryan Tedder has outdone himself, and proves what everyone says about producers/writers keeping the best for themselves, and there’s no shame in that. OneRepublic’s sophomore album Waking Up is due for release on November 17.

Artist: Janet Jackson

Song: Make Me

Release date: September 22

Label: A&M Records

High off the heels of her performance on The MTV Video Music Awards, Janet Jackson released this song through her official website, as a gift to her fans. It was later confirmed that "Make Me" is the lead single off of her new greatest hits album, titled Number 1's. The song sees Ms. Jackson going back to her roots, and steering clear of mainstream music. The song is retro-glamorous, and is easily the best comeback single released by any of the leading divas (Whitney, Mariah, Madonna). "Make Me" is a tribute to brother Michael's "Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough", it succeeds in being both old-school and modern at the same time, a rare feat these days. Aside from her compilation album, out later this year, Ms. Jackson is expected to release a full album of new material sometime in 2010, she's been hard at work in the studio with longtime producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (Control, Rhythm Nation 1814, janet., Velvet Rope), and hit-maker Rodney Jerkins, better known as Darkchild. This song is the perfect way to pave the way for the upcoming album. It couldn't get any better. Also on her calendar, Miss Jackson is expected to release a diet and self-esteem book called "True You" that is based on personal experience.

Artist: Leona Lewis

Song: Happy

Release date: September 15

Label: Syco / J

After scoring one of the best-selling songs of our time with "Bleeding Love"  in 2007, amongst other not-as-big hits, Leona Lewis returns with "Happy", the lead single off of her highly anticipated album Echo. Just like "Bleeding Love", "Happy" is produced and co-written by none other than Ryan Tedder, who seems to be recycling his own productions as of late. "Happy" is nothing like it's predecessor, although they do have a similar ambience. The song seems like a desperate attempt to recreate the magic of "Bleeding Love". Comparison aside, the song starts slowly with soft instruments until it reaches the chorus, where the usual drill of drums take place with Lewis belting it out like the diva she is. Considering the amount of people invested in this project, led by American Idol/X Factor judge Simon Cowell, the song disappoints. I firmly believe the song will sell extremely well based on Lewis' name. Leona Lewis' new album, Echo, is set for a November 16 release date.

– Fahad AlSabah

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