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Ever enrolled in a class at university and wondered about the instructor? What is his teaching style like? Whether or not he was an easy grader? Or whether it’s going to be one of those long classes with the teacher going on and on in a monotonous tone as you glance at your watch to check if anytime was passing, only to see that a minute just went by, even though you could have sworn it was 15?

Well, “Eih Nizamo” will definitely fill you in.

“Eih Nizamo” – a website dedicated to rating professors in institutions around the Arab World- is a student run initiative with a mission statement of “making life easier by offering students a resource where they can read upon on what others have to say about potential professors.”

With just one click, you can get a fairly accurate review of the Professor and what his “Nizam” is. The review is based on the average result of opinions that students have provided by participating on the site. You can also help other students out as well and provide your opinion of any Professor by logging on to the site and providing your honest opinion of the Instructor.

“Eih Nizamo” is presently available in the following countries: Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon.

For more information check out “Eih Nizamo” at

– Khaleejesque

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