While munching down your favorite big juicy burger from McDonald’s or any other unhealthy American fast-food chain, doesn’t it ever cross your mind why the UAE doesn’t have its own fast-food venture? Something mouth-watering and hopefully healthier than all this rubbish we unfortunately indulge in?

Well the answer is YES, there is! Wild Peeta is a delicious alternative to our addiction to non-healthy American fast food.

Initiated by two ambitious Emarati brothers, Mohamed and Rashid Parham Al Awadhi, Wild Peeta is one of the first healthy fast food restaurants in the UAE.

Wild Peeta’s main dish is the long-loved shawarma, with new twists, various secret sauces, and fresh homemade bread, making it irresistible for our craving appetites. Moreover, Wild Peeta is also aware of its vegetarian consumers and happily provides them with freshly made salads called “Wild Paradise” and vegetarian shawarma.

Mohamed AlAwadhi explains that “The UAE has adopted the shawarma and made it an integral part of its cuisine. Over time, we’ve seen a variety of nationalities operate shawarma outlets, giving it their own twist.”

Wild Peeta aims to satisfy customers in all the means possible. Customers can take part in choosing the fillings to make their own perfect shawarma. Interaction with customers does not end there, as Mohammed AlAwadhi tells us  “We believe that “Wild Peeta” belongs to our followers and that we merely “manage” the operations. We therefore give them the opportunity to make decisions on a multitude of business issues, from choosing a menu item to voting on the type of furniture we should be using.”

Step by step Wild Peeta is turning into an iconic small Emarati business. The healthy fast food restaurant founders have already been invited to take part in lectures at universities and companies to inspire the young generation to embark on their own unique businesses; spreading and increasing Wild Peeta’s popularity even further.

So what’s next for Wild Peeta? Well Wild Peeta dreams big. Transforming its name into an international brand is surely on their checklist, but for now it’s main goal is to take over the shawarma business locally. Perhaps then, they’d start their quest for world domination.

For more information visit their website www.wildpeeta.com http://www.wildpeeta.com/

– Fatma Lootah. Images courtesy of Wild Peeta.

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