Pistache, once a simple start up in 2004 by the dynamic cousin duo Lamya and Ali Al-Khalifa, is now a successful high-ranking chocolate shop in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Located strategically in Al-A’ali mall, Pistache is different than any other local shop in the sense that they order only the richest kinds of Belgian chocolate, and choose exclusive flavors that are only found in Pistache.

Pistache currently has sixty different flavors of chocolate (yes, that’s right 6-0); with an addition to that number every season, as they search for new and unique flavors of chocolate.

Recently, they have added a low-fat range of chocolates for those on strict diets that need to appease those cravings every once in a while. It’s worthy to note that one of their best sellers is the mini “Agaili” cakes (a famous Bahraini delicacy) coated in chocolate; one of which has seen an amazing response from clients, making it one of the most ordered products in Pistache and not only from clients in Bahrain but ones all over the Gulf.

To ensure the freshness of their products, Pistache never order large quantities of chocolate; they order small amounts that cater to local demand so as to ensure that they get the freshest batch possible. Even the nuts and fillings of each chocolate are constantly renewed.

One of Bahrain's most popular chocolate shops, Pistache its not an international franchise, on the contrary it's a local Bahraini breakthrough into the chocolate delicatessen world. Pistache offers very locally adept services to cater to Khaleeji preferences and tastes. During the month of Ramadan, special trays are served with local desserts as well as chocolates for Gergai'an; up to forty special designs and arrangements were available exclusive to this holy month.

As for the future, Pistache is currently thinking of opening other branches in Bahrain, as well as hopefully expanding across the Gulf. We, the chocoholics to the core, say they should put that on the top of their to do list.

To get your hands on Pistache's chocolate goodness, contact them at pistachebah@hotmail.com

– Abdulla Al-Mulaifi.

Images courtesy of Pistache.

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