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The holy month of Ramadan is upon us, and one of the basic staples of this month is people being glued to their TV screens watching either comedy shows or soap operas. Producers are keen to finish their shows in time for Ramadan, since its the busiest time of the year and get the most viewership. There are over 150 shows this year, and I'm going to highlight some of the more popular and interesting ones. (All timings are in GMT, so don't forget to add the hours!):

Dam'at Yateem – Hayat Al-Fahad's latest project after last year's "Al Daya". Written by and starring Hayat Al-Fahad, as well as Mona Shadad, Maram (6:00 pm GMT on Watan TV)

Om Il Banat – The writer of last year's hit "Futha Galbha Abyath" returns with a drama starring Souad Abdulla, Ghanim Al-Saleh. The story revolves around a traditional and controlling father who treats his six girls unfairly and enforces strict rules upon them, whereas he treats his only son with much love and gives him a lot of freedom.  (1:30pm GMT on Kuwait TV and 5:00pm GMT on Abu Dhabi TV)

Rasa'el Men Sadaf – From the writer of last year's hit "Oyoon El Hob". Starring Ghanim Al-Saleh, Jassim Al-Nabhan and Lamya Tariq. The series first begins in 1979, revolving around three childhood friends and their different lives and upbringings. As time moves on, the three friends grow up and the viewer witnesses how their childhood affected their personalities while they were in their adolescent years and then how each one becomes a different man.  (9:30pm GMT on Al Rai TV)

Quloob Lil Ejaar – From popular female writer Widad AlKowary, starring Abdulaziz Jassim, Hiba Al-Diry, Ghazi Hussein. Issues that are raised include the effect of families in the Gulf area with the recent economic crisis as well as people's love for money and greed. (1:00pm GMT on Qatar TV and 7:00pm GMT on MBC1)

Al Hob Al Kbeer – Starring the great Abdulhussain Abdulredha. The story of a retired high school principal and how he wishes he was still working to try to change the current rules and regulations at school, as well as deal with problems and issues facing his family at home. (4:30pm GMT on Funoon TV)

Al Hadama – A traditional series set in the old times starring Bassma Hamada, Ghazi Hussein, Mahmoud Boshehry (1:30pm GMT on Watan TV)

Shar Al Nefoos 2 – Part two of the popular series that aired last ramadan, starring Saad Al Faraj and Amal Abaas (6:00pm GMT on MBC1)

Al Aqeed Shamma – Comedy revolving around the recent addition of females to the police force in Kuwait starring Intesar Al-Sharrah and Souad Ali (1:45pm GMT on Funoon TV)

Imra'a wa Okhra – Starring Abdulaziz Jassim, Fatima AbdulRaheem, Yacoub Abdulla. The series starts off with a series of mysterious kidnappings by an unknown gang led by a powerful man. With each episode, light is shed on the reasons for these kidnappings while the families of the ones being held try to uncover the truth. Filled with action and suspense, this is a fresh take on the usual family drama series. (7:00pm GMT on Al Rai TV)

Mouza o Louza – Comedy starring Ilham Al-Futhala and Haya Al-Shuaiby as two naive single sisters who live with their brother off their parents fortune, not knowing that their brother is actually stealing from them. (12:50pm GMT on Funoon TV)

D-Tube – Comedy program starring Dawood Hussein, each day having different skits and characters ranging from imitations of celebrities to tackling everyday situations (4:00pm GMT on Al Rai TV)

Om Sa'af 2 – Computer animated comedy program (3:30pm GMT on Al Rai TV)

Bo Qotada o Bo Nabeel 3 – Computer animated comedy program (3:30pm GMT on Al Watan TV)

Helhum Benhum – (4:00pm GMT on Funoon TV)

Musalsalat Haleema – Starring Haleema Boland (12:00am GMT on MBC1)

Khas Jedan – Starring Yusra and mahmoud khabeel. (8:00pm GMT on Dubai TV)

Hadf Al Bahar – Starring Sumaya Al Khashab and Tareq Lutfi (8:10pm GMT on Al Rai TV)

Qatel Bela Ajer – Starring Hussein Fahmy and Tareq Al Feshawi (5:40pm GMT on Al Rai TV)

Bab Al Hara 4 – Starring Mona Wasef and Wael Sharaf (7:00pm GMT on MBC1)

– Abdulla Al-Mulaifi

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