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Banksy has been running amok creating havoc ever since late 2001, he flourished from the underground scene of Bristol, England, and has expanded internationally from there on in. He is popular for creating artwork that provokes anti-consumerism, anti-war, anti-capitalist or anti-establishment.

The word quasi-anonymous, defines the form of art Banksy derives from, he is a British graffiti artist who is favored for his controversial and celestial stencil work that is admired by millions. He is unknown till this very day however that didn’t stop the audiences from demanding more, and just recently the Bristol Museum is showcasing works of art done by their very own Banksy.

On June 13th the Bristol Museum announced the opening of the anonymous Banksy exhibition, showcasing over hundreds of work done and specified by Banksy himself, and the expose is called “Banksy VS. Bristol Museum.” It is ongoing till the 20th of August.

The exhibition is showcasing animatronics, installations and sensory displays of the artist’s vision of the near future. It has a new dynamic from the older works by Banksy whereas there are more sculpture-esque and figures than actual paintings and graffiti’s and hardly any stencil work, rather more painting work with dynamic addition to them such as pop-out slices and out of the frame continuations.

The Bristol Museum gave Banksy a chance to go crazy and that’s exactly what he has done, phenomenal pieces that are aesthetically pleasing and statues that mock our modern times standards that are breathtaking.

If you're anywhere around Bristol this summer, be sure to pass by the museum where you'll surely get your moneys worth, and for once taxpayers are using their money to see Banksy’s work rather than scrap it off.

– Khaleejesque

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