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Every little boy dreams of growing up to have the coolest job in the world. Well, in the case of Stefan Zwanzger, he turned his dream into a reality. Ever since he was ten years old, he was fascinated by the concept of theme parks and what they bring to the world. He believes that they are not solely entertainment venues, but are excellent socialization spots as well. Zwanzger’s hobby puts all others to shame; touring the world while visiting theme parks is a pastime like no other. He takes on each country with an optimistic approach along with his sidekick -the trusty roller coaster hat.

The Khaleejesque team caught up with Zwanzger on his first visit to Kuwait on June 22nd. He was here to review five theme parks: Aqua Park, Messila Water Village, Marah Land, Sha’ab Park, and Entertainment City. Sadly, he was unable to visit the only actual theme park that Kuwait has to offer. Upon arriving to Entertainment City, Zwanzger was told that it was closed. It was 5 pm on a Sunday, and there was no apparent reason for it to not be open. His visit to Kuwait was limited to a mere two days, and it is unfortunate that he only had a chance to visit the other parks.

What Zwanzger noticed is that the theme parks he visited in Kuwait did not actually have a “theme”; instead, they were merely replicas of Western amusement parks. He suggested that a park be opened honoring Kuwaiti traditions with a new concept different than what we are used to. He also noted the fact that there is a high ratio of theme parks to number of people living in Kuwait, comparable to the theme park/population ratio in California; something we, the Khaleejesque team never realized. In his opinion, having one theme park that is bigger and better than what is currently offered in Kuwait would be a more successful approach.

Aside from theme parks, Zwanzger is interested in learning about cultures around the globe. When in Kuwait, Khaleejesque joined forces with “The Theme Park Guy” and turned the clock back fifty years. We visited Al-Mubarakeya, a traditional Kuwaiti souk. We were surrounded by looks of curiosity, and friendly greetings targeting our blond-haired, blue-eyed guest; something that stood out in this traditional Kuwaiti souk. "The Theme Park Guy" spoke to local shopkeepers and even put on the traditional Khaleeji garment, with his specially designed roller coaster hat, of course.

So what’s next for Stefan Zwanzger? Well first, watch out for a theme park by the theme park guy himself! Don’t get too excited, though; that project is a long way from now. Among his more recent plans is a visit to theme parks in Africa. This trip differs from all the others; yes, he will be rating theme parks, of course, but in addition to that it is a humanitarian effort to show the world what it is really like in Africa. Its people appreciate life and celebrate it. Even in dire situations, they can have more fun than people who have everything they need.

Kuwait is certainly not his last stop. Zwanzger is heading to the UAE, Hong Kong, South Korea, and China next, to continue his mission of giving firsthand reviews of the best and worst theme parks out there. As for what he will do after he has completed his mission of visiting all the theme parks in the world, simple… he would “take a break!”

Make sure to check out his theme park reviews online at TheThemeParkGuy.com http://www.thethemeparkguy.com

– Reem Al-Wazzan for Khaleejesque. Images courtesy of The Theme Park Guy.

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