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It's no surprise that Bollywood is an ever-evolving industry. Starting with low budget mediocre movies, Bollywood rose to be the largest film industry in the world, surpassing even Hollywood. Since the days of Devdas and Mohabbatein, Bollywood has proven to be a worthy rival. More recently, movies such as Jodhaa Akbar, Fashion, Dostana, and Ghajini have surpassed all expectations. New York, the latest Yash Raj production hit movie screens all over the world on June 26 and has been causing a buzz ever since.
Whether you are a Bollywood fan or not, you will surely appreciate the message that New York delivers. It broke box offices around the world, with greater earnings after each show. The entire production and acting were done flawlessly and the actors and actresses delivered convincing performances that left viewers thinking. Bollywood fans are used to brilliant acting by John Abraham and Katrina Kaif, but newcomer Neil Mukesh’s award deserving performance was a pleasant surprise.

The movie narrates the life of three friends who met each other in New York State University. Omar (Mukesh), Samir (Abraham), and Maya (Kaif). They grew to be best friends, with Maya being the object of Omar’s affection. The movie shows how their lives suddenly changed after the 9/11 events. During that period, the FBI detained thousands of Muslims living in the United States, most of them innocent. They were exposed to various forms of torture and grew to resent the FBI and the entire US government. The director, Kabir Khan, was smart in showing different views with each character to represent Muslims living in the US today. They each had different views about Islam, 9/11, and terrorism. Our attention is immediately caught after the first scene when the FBI suddenly arrests Omar, claiming they found weapons and bombs in the cab he drives. He was believed to be a suspected terrorist due to evidence against his old friend, Samir. Despite not speaking to him since many years ago, Omar was asked to reminisce details of his relationship with Samir to prove his innocence. A sudden twist in the story causes Omar to work undercover with the FBI to expose his friend, Samir. He desperately seeks to prove his friend’s innocence, while the FBI seek to prove his guilt. The movie leaves the audience with a sudden special Bollywood ending that will surely make them wonder.

The movie is worth every second of your time. It is not your typical Bollywood movie, nor is it a Hollywood rip-off. It has a unique idea and its delivery is astounding.

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