If you’re looking for entertainment, historic sites, nightlife, and venues for children, then look no further; Montreux, Switzerland is where you should be! You may have misconceptions about the place as being dead and boring, but those misconceptions will be cleared as soon as you step foot in the city. If you know where to look, you’ll find that Montreux’s charm and appeal won’t be found elsewhere.

Be sure to include Montreux in your travel itinerary this summer, especially between July 3 and 18. The most famous music festival, the Montreux Jazz Festival takes place during that time. The biggest names in music participate each year for your entertainment.

As for where you should stay, there is no doubt that the hotels by the lake are the best. Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, Eden Palace au Lac, Royal Plaza, Swiss Majestic, and The Best Western Eurotel Riviera Hotel are all excellent hotels and will accommodate all your needs.

You can break your daily routine and live secluded from the life you are used to. Enjoy the best landscapes in the world, get an  ice  cream from the Mövenpick, reminisce by the lake, and stop by the kiosks for some souvenirs and memorabilia. Children will enjoy the countless activities and games by the lake and the whole family is guaranteed to go back every summer wanting more.

Montreux has much more to offer; the places you can visit are countless. If you’re a fan of Lord Byron’s poem, “The Prisoner of Chillon”, then be sure to visit where it all took place, the historic Chillon castle. Leman Lake is a crisp, clean lake that is a popular spot for swimming and boat rides. Of course, we can’t forget shopping. Grande Rue Street is Montreux’s main street in which the city’s best shops are located. Adults and children will love the Chocolate Train. It takes you to all nearby chocolate and cheese factories which means you will never come back empty-handed!

Theme parks are abundant in the city. They are unique and differ from the typical theme park. Swiss Vapeur Park, for example, was designed for children. Everything is built in small sizes. The buildings and trains have enough room to fit children, and adults have to squeeze in. Montreux has the best water park in Switzerland. Aquaparc is 17,000 square-meters of fun and exciting rides. Don’t worry parents, you can drop off your kids at the Supervised Kids’ Area, where children under seven years of age are supervised for up to 90 minutes and taken to age-appropriate rides.

Be prepared to tackle the world’s best cuisine. You can travel from Italy all the way to Persia, all in just one city. Le Palais Oriental Restaurant is one of the most luxurious restaurants that are located on the lake. It is a blend of Moroccan, Lebanese, and Persian cuisine. Hotels house the most prestigious and delicious restaurants. The Montreux Palace Hotel has two restaurants worthy of trying out: Jaan and La Terrasse du Petit Palais. The Royal Plaza Hotel also has La Croisette, a superb place to go for delectable meals. The Italian Molino Restaurant is located right by the lake and boasts beautiful indoor and outdoor seating where you can enjoy authentic Italian dishes. The Lebanese Paradise restaurant is the best place to satisfy your late night cravings by ordering scrumptious lebanese takeaway. While, the coffee shop at the Eden Palace Hotel is anchored beside the lake and is the best place to relax and unwind by enjoying a cup of coffee and admiring the exquisite view. Rialto is a Portuguese/Italian restaurant two minutes away from the Royal Plaza Hotel. They specialize in their pizza, cod, and various Portuguese meals. For a more casual, fast food spot, McDonalds can always be trusted in providing scrumptious fast food for adults and children alike. Being not your typical McDonalds, it is located right by the lake and is ideal for families. It's safe for you to leave your children at the playground while you shop in the mall. Their menu also differs, with food known for its freshness. For a fairly small city, Montreux has a large variety of restaurants.

Pack a little bit of everything for your trip. Montreux has beautiful weather that can alternate between being warm and sunny, to cool and rainy. Casual spring clothes are your best bet!

Where can you find a better place to flee the heat and enjoy your summer than a city on the edge of Lake Geneva and the Alps Mountains? Montreux is the pearl of the Swiss Riviera and a destination that you have to visit at least once in your life. The beauty of nature in itself will overcome you. The landscapes, weather, and lifestyle are breathtakingly spectacular and will surely lure you to the city’s charm.

– Khaleejesque Staff

Images: TrekEarth

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