The Cookie Bag was founded by Nouf Al Mulaifi and Mohammed Al Faris, a young Kuwaiti couple with the taste buds for success. Nouf began by making cookies for friends and relatives. As the demand for her cookies increased, she was encouraged by her family to go into the cookie business.

My personal experience with The Cookie Bag was heaven sent. I don’t remember which mesmerized me first. The intoxicating smell of their fresh baked cookies or the clean cut packaging complete with a snowflake logo. But, I do recall that it was love at first bite. The cookie crumbled and melted on my tongue as the chocolate chips dissolved and released a burst of decadent flavor. Although, I'm not one to boast my junk food triumphs, twelve little cookies were gone in under an hour.

Since its launch in March, The Cookie Bag has offered 10 types of cookies, each delectable in its own right; Chocolate chip, Butterscotch and Coconut, Oats and Cinnamon, White Chocolate and Macadamia, Double Chocolate Chip, Brownie, Plain, M&Ms, Mocha and Coffee cookies. Freshness is guaranteed, as cookies are made to order. A dozen cookies cost a modest 3.500KD. Apart from, the Brownie cookies, which are mini-sized and are priced at 4.500KD for two dozen, which consequently are also the store’s bestsellers. The Cookie Bag is currently a home based business with an ever-growing number of devotees.

So, what's next for The Cookie Bag? The Cookie Trifle will be available next week. A fusion of flavors, the trifle includes layer and layers of chocolate chip cookies, brownie cookies, whip cream and chocolate, which offer nothing short of pure indulgence. Our exclusive sources tell us a new date-based cookie is in the works for Ramadan.

If its predecessors are any indicator of what's to come, we're in for a sweet treat. The date cookie will be available a week before Ramadan, priced at 4.500 KD for 2 dozens of the mini-sized cookies.

In a word: Scrumptious.

For more information, visit The Cookie Bag

– Azza Al-Jassim

Images courtesy of The Cookie Bag

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